Beloved Osho, how can I thank you?


Osho: “There is no need: just be what you can be.”

Osho dancing

There is no need: just be what you can be.

Allow yourself to blossom.

Enjoy in glory – and that will be thankfulness enough.

Anybody who blossoms close to me has already shown his gratitude. Saying it would be profane. Saying it would destroy the beauty of the unsaid, the silent.

If you have really come to a point when you want to say thank you to me, then don’t say it; I will understand it. By saying it, you will be bringing down something from a very high level.

You will be surprised to know that in India, one of the oldest civilizations in the world, perhaps the oldest, you rarely hear anybody thanking somebody else. No child will thank his parents; no parents will thank their child. In the West that is part of your formal training: on each occasion say, “Thank you.”

I was thinking about the difference, why it has not developed in this old civilization. And I understand… what I said, that is the reason. If you are really thankful, then saying it is useless, because you cannot put your heart into it. And if you are not thankful, then why unnecessarily destroy a beautiful word?

And to make it a formality means you are making it an unconscious part of your behavior. So just as somebody presents you with a cup of coffee and you say thank you, if somebody brings enlightenment to your consciousness, are you going to use the same words? It is absolutely impossible to use those same words; they have become so formal. You say them without even thinking about it. You simply say them like a robot.

It is a good question, to ask me how to say thank you to me, because there must be a great feeling of gratitude, but all words seem to be meaningless. Thankfulness, gratefulness – they all seem to be too small. What has happened to you is so vast.

My suggestion is: you need not give me any thank you. I will take it myself.

It will be so apparent through your eyes and through your face, but there will be no need to say it. I will simply understand it from there.

Osho, Beyond Psychology, Ch 17, Q4

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