…left his body on 6th November 2017

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Satyam, his beloved, writes:

Meaning of Premveda’s name: Prem means ‘Love’ and Veda means ‘the Vedas’ – Knowledge of Love, Letter of Love.

Premveda radiated love and could be there for all friends who were in pain or trouble. He always had a word to calm them and convey trust. He welcomed everyone; he loved to live totally. Everything was included. He never said no; everything was possible. There was a deep, deep feeling inside of him to give his love and to share it.

What he liked most was music. Since 1998, for every Thursday night he invited musicians to Parimal for his legendary Parimal Music Group. Friends came with their instruments to play and dance. His last guitar was a blue Ovation! He also played old rock songs with a new band The Icebears – people loved it.

To celebrate was his thing. He wrote the song, ‘Waves, waves, we are coming, waves are running, from me to you, from you to me…’ And so it is for me also: I have to go on here – and his waves are coming, tears are running, and his loving heart is close to me…

Almira writes:

Premveda (Hans Georg Hammala) had a big heart for music, video filming and for people, especially the female kind. He lived, celebrated, made music and sang at Osho Parimal for many years. The latter often a bit off-key, and not by chance he received as a trademark the name Troubardix. He is a great example that you do not have to have a beautiful singing voice in order to remain in the ears of posterity with a hearty and heartwarming permanence. He was also good at sometimes stirring the waters at commune meetings. Veda has done a lot for our place and those who live here; he has given a lot of life juice, one could say.

He had just celebrated his 70th birthday with us at Parimal before he went on a holiday with his beloved Satyam. He unexpectedly left his body, in the presence of Satyam when, after a heart surgery, he did not come out of anesthesia. We are all shaken – in the truest sense of the word – because Veda was so much part of our community; he was like a primordial rock. We miss him very much although, at the same time, he is so very present here.


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Premveda was a person radiating Love to all around him. Generous, appreciating, caring, smooth, serene, daring, loving, helping, living life fully.

Premveda had a very special Karmic relationship with Ganesha, Gauri and myself. The date Premveda left his body, Monday 6th November 2017, is noticeable as Ganesha’s father Anestis died on 6the November 2007, exactly 10 years before and at almost the same age. Anestis and Premveda were colleagues and very close friends. Premveda was the one to travel twice from his home in Germany, with his wife Satyam, to visit and stay for some days with Gauri and Ganesha in Greece after Anesti’s death. This is very rare that someone would travel that far to support a widow and a small kid.

He was the one to help some of our dreams come true. He invited us three and arranged for our first international Kirtan event in September 2009, at Osho Parimal, Germany. He encouraged us to record our two Kirtan CDs in Parimal. He even supported us by hosting us in Parimal so that the expenses of the CD production were minimized. He is for us one of those souls sent by the cosmic consciousness, to encourage/ensure we do not miss to take some important steps in life.

Listening to Kaypacha’s weekly (astrological) Pele report of the first week of November, I was astonished by the fact that Prem Veda left his body at a cosmic time of Love, Love, Love, Universal, sweet, subtle Love. He did not come back from anaesthesia, as he found himself in a very familiar, pleasant and appealing condition of universal Love.

We will surely miss you, Premveda, but will not cry for you. We may cry for our loss. Go to the Light, the Eternal Light.

Sankalpananda, Gauri and Ganesha

I met Prem Veda relatively late in (his) life when I was volunteering one summer at Parimal.

To me, he was a wise and very intelligent man you could always go to, when you had a question. He had a huge heart and he loved the females. And he loved to enjoy the moment, for sure. You could dance, joke, and enjoy with him, but above that, he was wise and open so that – if advice needed – he was one of the persons I’d turn to.

My girlfriend and I love him and his wife, Satyam, very much, and we really feel we have lost a friend and someone we could turn to.

Good journey, Prem Veda!


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