I have been with you forever

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We are not separate, even now – nobody is separate; the whole existence is one organic unity.

Chili 3

The idea of separation is because of our forgetfulness.
It is almost as if every leaf of the tree
started thinking it is separate,
separate from other leaves…
but deep down they are nourished by the same roots.
It is one tree; the leaves may be many.
It is one existence; the manifestations may be many.

I am with you right now. I have been with you forever,
and I will be with you for eternity – there is no other way.

Knowing oneself, one thing becomes absolutely clear:
no man is an island – we are a continent, a vast continent,
an infinite existence without any boundaries.
The same life runs through all, the same love fills every heart,
the same joy dances in every being.
Just because of our misunderstanding, we think we are separate.

The idea of separation is our illusion.

The idea of oneness will be our experience of the ultimate truth.

Osho, The Hidden Splendour, Ch 18, Q 1 (excerpt)

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