Arvind Kumar Jain


(5 April 1938 – 11 January 2018)

Standing close to Osho is Arvind, standing on left is Kranti

Prof Arvind Kumar Jain was Osho’s first secretary while at Jabalpur. He was Osho’s father’s sister’s son, i.e. a cousin, and he stayed with Osho. During that time his sister Kranti was the caretaker of Osho.

Arvind was a simple, humble and well-behaved person. He always came to the Railway Station to receive Osho and to give him a send-off. He maintained the Register of Osho’s assignments and, accordingly, he gave dates to friends who requested Osho’s lectures in their cities/towns. As long as Osho lived in Jabalpur, he took all possible care to comfort Osho.

Arvind graduated as Bachelor of commmerce (Gold medalist) and Master of commerce and was a professor at D.N. Jain college at Jabalpur.

Photos and text thanks to Ageh Bharti and Anil Bharti.


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