Painting the porch


Kowalski is out of work so he goes up to Beverly Hills.

He goes around from mansion to mansion, offering to do odd jobs. Finally, at one huge estate, Kowalski knocks on the door.

“Got any work you need doing?” he asks.

“What can you do?” asks the owner.

“I’m a really good painter,” replies Kowalski.

“Great!” exclaims the man, handing him a can of green paint. “You can go round the back and paint the porch green. It is pretty big, so it will probably take you all day.”

Two hours later, Kowalski knocks again at the front door. “I have finished that porch,” he tells the owner.

“Wow!” says the man. “That was really fast!”

“No problem for me,” says Kowalski proudly. “I’m a professional.”

“Okay,” says the man, handing him some bills. “Here is your money.”

“Thanks,” says Kowalski and turns to leave.

“By the way,” he adds, “that’s not a porch, it’s a Ferrari!”

Credit Rishi Vlote

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