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Kaiyum takes a brief look at two radically different approaches to humanity’s physical and mental health on a global scale.

Apologia pro se

Many of you have most likely been taking responsibility for your own health for a long time and many of you may well be ‘healers’ in the broadest sense of the word, including ‘health practitioners’. And a few of you might even have been trained as modern-day medical doctors. For such readers, there may be little new in this brief review of current trends and themes. But perhaps it will clarify matters for those who are still struggling with their health and seeking solutions.

There is no way this exposition can be complete; rather, it touches on the more fundamental issues confronting the state of health of everyone on this planet.

Disease cloud

Information explosion

The last two years have seen an amazing increase in the amount of information on health issues made available that totally contradicts the orthodox paradigm that the vast majority of people are conditioned to accept and believe. And what is that overruling paradigm? In a nutshell: “The doctor knows best.” A brainwashing of Orwellian proportions has taken place in the last hundred years or so, orchestrated by a small number of powerful chemical and pharmaceutical concerns with global connections and, in numerous countries, undemocratic control over governing bodies. (1)

New sources

It is remarkable how many well-researched ‘docuseries’ have recently appeared, generally as free downloads on the internet. (4) To name but a few:

  • The Truth about Cancer
  • The Truth about Vaccines
  • Secrets of Autoimmune Disease
  • Rising from the Depths of Diabetes and Obesity
  • Live Longer, Feel Better
  • True Cellular Detox
  • The Healing Miracle (about stem cell therapy)
  • Broken Brain

as well as the equally fascinating one-off investigatory films by Kip Andersen ‘Cowspiracy’, ‘What the Health’ (2) and the 2017 production ‘Heal’. (3)

What all of these titles have in common is a number of features:

  • interviews with top health professionals, leading scientists and medical specialists who have broadened their vision and dared to reveal the inadequacies (including fraud, deceit, collusion and blackmail) of ‘standard’ treatments and industry-infiltrated government agencies
  • insights into both new and traditional, effective treatments that are condemned as ‘alternative’ and are not reimbursed by insurance companies
  • the power of the insurance and pharmaceutical companies
  • the manipulation of research results, including suppression of undesirable findings, inadequate testing before launching a product and the immunity of the drug companies to legal claims
  • the influence of mass conditioning
  • the lack of interest in the established system to investigate the many valid alternatives because they are too cost-effective and undermine the established business model
  • how the establishment retaliates by having laws changed (particularly in the USA) and by defamation of the speakers (rather than the actual content).

The documentary series about vaccines is an excellent example of the previous summary of features. The statistics and other supporting information provided make it clear how often people are used as the guinea pigs after inadequate testing, with devastating health results.


The vaccine producers in the USA have created a remarkable situation by blackmailing Congress into making them immune to any form of legal claim for damage caused by the vaccines. The rise in numerous illnesses such as autism is statistically related to the introduction of mandatory complex vaccines at an early age when the immune system is not even fully developed.

The inclusion of substances into vaccines such as aluminium (as an adjuvant) and mercury (as a preservative) is highly criticised, these being highly toxic to the human body, especially when they cross the blood-brain barrier. Individual doctors have lost their licenses and been defamed by grossly manipulative and inaccurate articles because they dared to question the mandatory vaccination policies.

A comparison: there have been various clinics in the USA that provided successful treatment of cancer. But because they used low-cost, traditional and effective natural treatments, the clinics were ‘simply’ closed down and laboratories destroyed… without normal legal procedures.

Follow the money

A headline such as this catches everybody’s attention:

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation this year [2017] paid a PR firm called Emerging Ag $1.6 million to recruit a covert coalition of academics to manipulate a UN decision-making process over gene drives, according to emails obtained through Freedom of Information requests… (5)

Expensive healthcare

It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that profits play such a significant role in maintaining the status quo in the ‘sickness industry’. After all, do healthy individuals provide any benefit to the pharmaceutical companies that invest phenomenal sums of money in Research and Development for new substances to ‘cure’ illnesses? Pressure from these companies currently ensures a high level of mandatory vaccination in (most states of) the USA; parents have been known to move to other states where their right to not vaccinate their children is upheld. Other countries, such as Australia, are also in the grip of this ‘epidemic’ of mandatory vaccinations. Contrast this situation with countries like Iceland which is conspicuous in having no mandatory vaccination programme, allowing parents full freedom of choice for themselves and their children.

A huge market was created by the scare around ‘high’ levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol. A Hungarian doctor, Gábor Lenkei, has devoted one of his many short, easily accessible books to the myths surrounding cholesterol and how these myths have created a huge, growing market for pharmaceutical products.

A similar situation involves diabetes, which – according to complementary health practitioners – can be cured without medicines or their predictable side-effects. (6)

Cancer treatment is especially lucrative for the existing system. Protocols are firmly established and based on three basic treatments: surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. A patient is considered ‘cured’ when she/he survives 5 years or more, but the mortality rates (within the 5 years) imply that the treatments are grossly inadequate. (7)

A fascinating new book, ‘The Tumor’ (available as a free download) by the well-known writer of crime fiction, John Grisham, presents a new paradigm for non-invasive, highly-effective, low-cost treatment of tumours. (8) A similar treatment, a parallel and coincidental development, is currently either undergoing trials or is already integrated in Israel’s health services. The question is, will this treatment be allowed to augment or even replace established protocols?

A current ‘hot topic’ involves glyphosate, a principal ingredient in Roundup. Huge groups of scientists and researchers continue to provide increasingly horrific proof of how insidiously destructive this chemical is, both to the environment and to the human body. However, their results are simply ignored by politicians and producers (Monsanto and Bayer to name but the two largest) who have their ‘own’ scientists and PR companies that produce contradictory evidence. One thing is certain: the global market that has been created for Roundup and spin-off GM crops is staggeringly lucrative for the players and will not easily be relinquished, despite increasing signs that GM crops are seriously endangering the whole food supply system.

Hospitals and complementary medicine

Britain was once inordinately proud of a highly effective and efficient National Health Service (NHS). Once. But across the years, right-wing (Conservative) governments have taken giant steps to dismantle it and support a growing and powerful system of private health care within a capitalist model.

In many countries, not just the UK and USA, the public health services are under severe financial pressures that nevertheless tend to exclude low-cost, non-pharmaceutical alternatives.

Yet it is remarkable just how many ‘natural’ health clinics and practitioners there are, and their numbers are growing. An amusing example: in the USA, chiropractic is a normal, viable and accepted part of the medical scene. In the Netherlands, chiropractic is considered ‘alternative’, is probably never referred to by the family doctor, and is only reimbursed with limitations to those who have additional (voluntary) health insurance; physiotherapy, on the other hand, is established and a patient may receive up to 18 treatments, paid for by his basic insurance, without even having to request referral from his doctor.


There is growing cause for concern involving antibiotic-resistant bacteria and especially iatrogenic infections (those caught by patients during a stay in hospital or during treatment for other ailments).

The increasing ineffectiveness of antibiotics, together with growing distrust in their widespread use (9), has opened the way to a new approach for dealing with unwanted and potentially life-threatening bacteria in the body. A clinic in Tbilisi (Georgia) found the answer long ago: the phage. It’s been around for nearly a century, it’s inexpensive, highly effective (it targets only specific bacteria) and provides healing solutions to problems that do not respond to antibiotics. Will phage treatment enter the regular system? It’s highly unlikely – in the Netherlands the ‘establishment’ has already launched vicious attacks on the clinic and the remedy… while individuals continue to make their appointments, pack their bags and go to get healed in Tbilisi. (10)

With any luck, an adventurous ‘renegade’ clinician will import the system and open a successful clinic in his own country. One thing is certain: the risks of antibiotics are growing rapidly, just as the widespread increase in septicaemia, with its concomitant high mortality rate, is alone an excellent reason for keeping as far away from hospitals as possible.


“Genetics load the gun, but environment pulls the trigger,” is an interesting way of expressing a truth that is manipulated in many ways. Although the vast majority believe that their health is the result of their genes, the objective reality is that genetic background affects only about 5% of the body’s constitution: hair and eye colour, basic skeletal structure… that is what may be called ‘nature’. The remaining 95%, which may be called ‘nurture’, the so-called epigenetics – are precisely those aspects of life that anyone can begin to influence from the moment of awareness of choice: “Do I eat the doughnut or the apple?”

This article just brushes the surface of the wide range of themes and issues, which include the deliberate suppression of cannabis, the dangerous smokescreen of the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance), the risks of relying on the results of blood tests, the downplaying of the vital role of vitamin C, the ignorance surrounding benzene poisoning (far more common than any awareness of the problem) and the associated use of inexpensive B2 to fix leukaemia, the rising price of nutritious food and the reduction in the price of sugar and other sweeteners… and lots more.

While the complementary, holistic approach looks for root causes, uses food as medicine and pays special attention to epigenetics, the allopathic approach alleviates isolated symptoms, while virtually ignoring nutrition and other epigenetic factors.

Two worlds which, when brought together, can be so powerful. But in practice it is only the conscious client – no longer a ‘patient’ – who takes advantage of the best of both of these worlds.

(1) One of the clearest and most convincing sources of information on this process is Dr. Matthias Rath. This video is maybe not in a language or with subtitles you can follow, but it’s worth checking out this search query for suitable clips, or the RathFoundation’s channel for a suitable source of insight into Rath’s approach to health.

(2) Many of these productions may still be available for free by browsing the internet. But after all, the makers invested hugely in creating them, so there’s a valid business model in ‘pay to view’.

(3) The producers use a slightly different approach, arranging screenings at different locations (scroll down on this link for a list of events/countries).

(4) The business model is straightforward: free showing (usually an episode is aired for just 24 hours) is an appetiser to attract the purchase of the complete DVD package, including additional materials.

(5) Reported on Sayer Ji’s extensive, well-researched site.

(6) The site focuses on diabetes alternatives. Lenkei’s book on ‘The Myth of Cholesterol’ is currently only available in Dutch or Hungarian. Read my review on Osho News of Lenkei’s book, Censored Health, in which he explains why and how the established system provides only one-sided information and hides or represses viable alternatives.

(7) The site provides a vast amount of relevant information about valid alternatives, including access to the ‘Truth about Cancer’ docuseries.

(8) Read my review of the book on Osho News.

(9) That food sources, notably the animals providing meat and dairy products, are dosed preventively with antibiotics, that then are consumed by humans, is part of the problem of reduced effectiveness.

(10)

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