…left the body on 14th February 2018.


Dipam was born in the USA. She took sannyas in the late 1970’s and during this time worked for many years in Vrindavan, the ashram’s kitchen. When Osho moved to the States, she sold the house she had inherited and donated all her money to the Ranch in Oregon. She went to live and work there until Osho left. When Osho returned to Pune, she moved again to be with him and work in the Commune, now called Osho International Meditation Resort.

For the last few years, Dipam had been suffering from osteoporosis and was bound to a wheelchair. She lived across the street from the main gate of the Resort and spent much of her time meditating.

Thanks to a small pension from the US she could remain in Pune until her death, at age 89.


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Beloved Dipam,

You were my best friend in Pune, and I really loved you, and still do. We were neighbours for so many years, in our little rooms in 46 Koregaon Park, just down the road from the back gate of the Osho Meditation Resort. I loved coming back to my room after being away, and seeing you there each time, after working and earning money for a few months a year in England. You were always so welcoming, and a comforting presence. I really valued your friendship and our closeness during those years after Osho left the body. True friends are like diamonds, and you really were, and are, a true friend. I treasure those years we lived next to each other and helped each other.

The last time I saw you in the body was exactly a year ago when I was in Pune. You were living opposite the front gate of the Osho Meditation Resort where you moved to when our house at no. 46 was pulled down a few years ago. You never left Pune, so devoted were you to Osho, and your garden fence overlooked the Osho Auditorium. You were always sitting there at a table when I visited, and I was sure that all the energy was coming over to you from all the meditations, because I was amazed at how incredibly beautiful you looked. You looked more beautiful than I had ever seen you before. Your eyes were amazing. You were beautiful physically when you were young but also so beautiful when you were old.

Beloved Dipam, I was so sorry not to have seen you this year before you left the body and not to be at your cremation, which I heard was so beautiful and amazing. Please forgive me, I beg, for not being there to say good-bye to you this year. You must be flying so high as you loved Osho so much.

On the very day that you left the body (and I didn’t know about it) I was suddenly struck down with a very serious mystery illness which has attacked my muscles very badly. I have been in hospital for four weeks in great physical pain and can’t walk so well at the moment.

Meanwhile I am resting in a cottage on an island and thinking of you a lot. I know there is an afterlife and death is a fiction and I know we can meet in that place where those who have left the body can meet those friends still on the earth. There is such a place and we both know it. Please visit me. We will be loving friends for ever.

Beloved Dipam, fly higher and higher as I know you are, with Osho.

I love you, Dipam. Love from


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