The Spirit of Arillas


Paul Prem Nadama sings (on video) one of his compositions from his last album ‘There are Times’: “This song was written last year in gratitude to everything Arillas has given and continues to give me whenever I return.”

I believe we all somehow find a place (or maybe more than one place) where we feel a strong connection, like ‘coming home’. Maybe it’s the people there, or the nature or environment, or maybe we just connect with a special vibration…

Arillas, on Corfu, has become that place for me. I was drawn there initially to attend the wonderful workshops of the Gayatri Festival with Deva Premal and Miten. Now it has gone beyond that. I have given many little concerts and gatherings of my own around Arillas and they are always warmly supported and received. I have made many beautiful connections that have led to some other concerts in Europe. And my music has begun to spread around Europe and worldwide, often because of the loving support of friends in Arillas.

This song was written last year in gratitude to everything Arillas has given and continues to give me whenever I return.

This song also features other great musician friends of mine, Simon Taylor on saxophone and Sam Berliger on piano.

It is from my last album ‘There are Times’ which contains many of my own songs and mantras.


Oh, Arillas your spirit is calling
Draws me back here time and time again
Your warm wind, calming, inspiring
Welcomes me like a wise old friend.

I can feel your soft vibration
Healing ancient memories in my soul
Somehow I know there’s a deep connection
Past stories that remain untold.

Morning breeze, through my window
Reminds me every day we start anew
I could gaze forever at your sunsets
Maybe help to make our dreams come true.

So many can feel your embrace here
We sing and dance to open up our hearts
Oh, we take your energy home with us
Knowing that we’re never far apart.

‘There are Times’ is available from Nadama’s website and from
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Paul Prem Nadama (Paul Wheeler) has been a TV director for the BBC (‘Live at the Apollo’ and ‘Have I got news for you’) for many years. But he is also a guitarist-singer-songwriter, playing at events and concerts. He received his spiritual name in 2016 at the Gayatri Festival in Corfu. He lives in Sussex, UK, with wife, Luna, and daughter, Isabel, and is reducing his TV life to allow more space for his own music and mantras, giving intimate concerts across Europe where invited.

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