29 conflicting feelings I had watching ‘Wild, Wild Country’

'Wild Wild Country'

“Am I… into cults now?” asks Alex Naidus at Buzzfeed. Published on April 21, 2018.

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Antelope resident

1. This story can’t be that crazy, or I’d have definitely heard about it.

2. Wow actually this is SO crazy, I almost don’t believe it’s a documentary.

3. Cults are fucking scary. This is definitely a cult.

4. Wait, is it a cult if they just do yoga and have sex and are really into setting up irrigation? I’d at least sign up for the newsletter.

Antelope resident

5. There’s so much to dig into here, so many characters and locations and lawsuits, I’m ready to sink into this universe.

6. I literally cannot read a single thing in this font.

7. Bhagwan seems incredibly serene and inspiring.

8. I guess I’ve never really seen a guy with 20 Rolls Royces calling someone a “lying bitch” on TV and thought… GURU.

9. This whole “everyone wears maroon/orange/purple” is weirdly drab.

10. They all… look amazing, though?

11. I get why these down-home ol’ Oregonians are spooked — it’s a frickin’ invasion!

12. Why can’t these close-minded dweebs see that the Rajneeshees are just trying to create a dang UTOPIA? Get on board, Antelope.

13. The townspeople seem just as scary and stuck in their ways as the hordes of peaceniks in red.

14. OK wait, John Silvertooth is a total delight.

15. How do these Rajneeshees not realize how cult-like this is? Brainwashed much??

16. Maybe I’M the one who’s been brainwashed by SOCIETY to value things like WEALTH and POWER instead of GOODWILL AMONGST PEOPLE. Tragic.

17. These sannyasin have such clarity of focus and dedication. I can’t even get out of bed without hitting snooze 10 times.

18. Somehow I still don’t know what they do all day, though?

19. Opposition to Rajneeshpuram was just boring, puritanical fear of sex and the idea of people just, like, havin’ a good time.

20. * sees that one scene of the scary, violent sex ritual * …. Oh. Maybe not.

21. Sheela is so strong-willed and impressive. A real inspiration.

22. Sheela has lost her goddamn MIND.

23. Sheela is really just misunderstood.

24. Sheela should 100% be in jail. Why isn’t she doing this interview from jail??

25. I can’t possibly hold one opinion about Sheela for longer than 20 minutes before switching to believe the complete opposite.

26. Tough titties.

27. Honestly, both sides here have strong points and are just trying their best to live lives of purpose and meaning.

28. Every single character in this shit-show should be handcuffed and thrown down a well.

29. I genuinely don’t know HOW to feel, but I know I’ll never stop thinking about this story.

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