(19.2.1981 – 2.4.2018)

Daso in action
Disco life
With his parents at the screening of 'Sommer in Orange'
Daso Franke
With Bhakto as part of the Rajneesh Meditation Centre Satsang Band
Young musician
Toddler (almost) all in red

Daso Franke was born in Pune and, as a baby of 49 days, received from Osho the name Swami Daso (without prefix), meaning ‘the surrendered one’. When the family moved back to Europe he lived in Münster, Germany, later in Miasto, Italy, the Humaniversity in the Netherlands and then moved to Lower Saxony, Germany.

While his father, Premvan, was running the Osho Disco in Hannover, he came in contact with music and dancing. There he learned from experience what brings people on the floor and what not. His father then taught him to produce music; but already from very early on he created his very own style.

While studying media design in Cologne, he signed a contract with a record label and, in 2006, released his first production, ‘Daybreak’. It was a great hit in the world of Techno. He then moved to Berlin and many more hits followed; the most popular, ‘Meine’, scored over 1.000.000 clicks on YouTube.

Daso went on playing gigs all over the world: Japan, Russia, America and Europe. (He only played music that he had composed himself; he was not a DJ as such.) He continued to release vinyls, CDs and downloadable tracks.

Ten years ago, during a gig in New York, he met his soulmate who took care of him, from his cancer diagnosis two years ago until his death on Easter Monday, short of 37 years of age, at the Charité University clinic in Berlin.

The international music scene was in shock when they heard the news of his death, but it is clear that his music will continue to be played all over the world.

Daso’s credo was: Love and Music!

Photos and text credit to Premvan

Daso’s music:


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