Divine contentment


Osho gives sannyas to Anutosh and says, “Nothing ever succeeds with the mind. It can’t afford it, it can’t allow it. It lives in the tension between that which is and that which should be. … To understand this is to get out of it.”

Come here! Just look at me.
From Cindy’s rounded
budding mother’s cheek
a tear plummets wildly into the air.

Osho giving sannyas

Osho: This will be your new name: Ma Deva Anutosh.

Deva means divine, anutosh means contentment – divine contentment. Man lives in discontentment, in desire… always asking for more and more. And whatsoever is given to him, it never brings any contentment; he immediately starts asking for more. The desire for more is what the mind consists of. The mind can be called “the desire for more” – so there is no way to satisfy it. You can go on fulfilling its demands and it remains unfulfilled. It wants a big house: you have the big house and immediately it starts asking for something else, immediately; it does not give you even a single moment’s pause, a single moment’s rest. It cannot afford to. If it gives you a single moment’s rest, a single moment’s contentment, you will never go into the mind again. So before you understand the bliss of no-mind, the mind takes possession of you again. And the mind means desire, discontent; the mind means a constant demand for more and more and more.

This is the way the mind keeps you tethered to itself.

This is the way the mind keeps you a slave and goes on goading you and driving you into futile searches. If they are not fulfilled you are in misery; if they are fulfilled nothing is fulfilled. So either way the mind creates frustration. If failure comes, you are frustrated; if success comes, immediately the mind starts asking for more. So even the success is not a success; nothing ever succeeds with the mind. It can’t afford it, it can’t allow it. It lives in the tension between that which is and that which should be. It is that tension between these two polarities. It is always a beggar… it is a chronic begging.

To understand this is to get out of it. Seeing it – how it is driving you mad, how it is driving the whole of humanity mad – one slips out of it. There is no need to fight – one simply slips out of it and starts enjoying whatsoever is available. And then life is totally different, because then you never think of “more”; you only think of that which is. Then you never think of the future; you live in the moment and in the present. And to live in the moment and to live in the present is to live in God. God means now, God means here… and the mind is always there and then; it is never now and never here.

Your name means “divine contentment.” Become contented with whatsoever is. Remain contented in the moment – silent, enjoying, celebrating — and see how your life starts becoming a totally different affair. Then one makes no shadow, one makes no misery. Then one creates no smoke around oneself; one lives like a flame, a smokeless flame. And one is so utterly here that the whole mystery of existence becomes available, because existence only exists in the present. If you are also in the present there is a meeting – that is the meeting of man and God. God is not in heaven – God is in the present moment. If you are also in the present moment you enter the temple. Hence contentment is the way to God.

To be utterly contented is to be suddenly in God. God explodes in you. And once you have tasted the joy of it, the freedom of it, the fragrance of it, then you are never the same again. You will never follow the mind, and slowly slowly the mind disappears of its own accord…

How long will you be here?

Anutosh: We hope to stay as long as we can.

Osho: Be here as long as you can, mm? Would you like to do a few groups?

Sindhu: I have been assigned a few groups.

Osho (to Anutosh): Would you also like to do a few groups?

Anutosh: I am eight months pregnant.

Osho: Then it will be difficult. Just rest and be here – that is your meditation: be contented!

Imbibe my energy as much as you can, so later on you can start working in Singapore – I need people there. So you are my first people there and much has to be done!

Osho, God’s Got A Thing About You, Ch 19 – 19 September 1978

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