Osho’s surprise visit in hospital

Remembering Here&Now

Two instances where Osho asks about and comments on Laherubhai’s health – excerpts from chapter 22 of Laherubhai’s book ‘Blessed Moments with Osho’.



In November 1970, my doctor had advised me to undergo an operation because of my hydrocele problem, and I was told that along with that I should get a vasectomy also. I was afraid of getting operated because at that time there were rumors that family-planning operations were not good for men as it can diminish their manhood. Therefore, I came to Woodland to talk to Osho about this. He said to me, “There is nothing to worry about, you get operated without anxiety.” And so, on November 23, 1970, I got admitted at the Sir Harkisandas Hospital and the next day my operation was done. There was no problem.

On the morning of the third day, when I was relaxing in my hospital room, suddenly Osho came with Laxmi to see me. I was absolutely stunned to see him. I got up from my bed and directly fell at his feet.

Osho laughed and asked me, “How are you feeling? Is it painful?” What could I answer?

But, howsoever much I felt thankful to him, I could not express well enough what I was really feeling. When the master suddenly comes and appears before you, who can worry about physical pain? Really, his compassion is infinite.


In December 1971, I started getting pain because of kidney stones, so doctors advised me to take an X-ray of the kidneys. Accordingly, on December 12, 1971, in the morning I went to Dr. Keshav Dalal. He gave me an injection in the vein of my hand and I immediately had a reaction. My blood pressure dropped suddenly and I started vomiting. The doctor also panicked. He called one or two other doctor friends from nearby and started giving other injections. He asked me how I was feeling and whether I wanted to drink a coffee but I could not speak although I was fully conscious.

Slowly the second treatment started having an effect; my blood pressure started becoming normal and I felt a little better. After some time they gave me coffee and after two or three hours they gave me permission to go. I was feeling weak, so I did not go home. Laxmi’s home was nearby so I went there and, after taking a rest in the afternoon, I directly reached Osho in Woodland.

Osho called me into his room and, as if he had known everything beforehand, asked me, “Laheru, what happened?”

I explained to him what had happened and said that I had the feeling as if my limbs were becoming empty and that everything became blank.

Osho smiled and said, “Good experience you had.”


Review by Tarpan: ‘Blessed Moments with Osho’

Available as a hardbound book from Osho Viha or directly from the author: laheru.shah@gmail.com

LaheruLaherubhai (aka Chaitanya Sagar, Laherchand B. Shah) was born in August 1938. At the age of 28, in 1967, he met Osho. He has been running his own business in Mumbai and Osho insisted he continue his job, along with meditation, and asked him to remain in ‘the market place’. In the same building as his office, he and other Osho friends started the first meditation centre. Laherubhai lives in one of Mumbai’s busiest districts.

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