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'Enneagram Famous Figures' by Subhuti Healing & Meditation

Just when you thought that you had escaped the Royals from this news outlet, a take from Subhuti from another angle, that of the Enneagram.

The British public is now indulging in its favourite past-time of swooning over a Royal marriage. This one is between Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle. It’s a good moment to view all the main Royals through the lens of the Enneagram and its nine personality types. Here we go:

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh

The Queen: Nine (Mediator)

When Nines slip into a routine they can keep going forever and Elizabeth Windsor is no exception. As Britain’s longest reigning monarch she has been doing the same job for the past 65 years. In all that time, she hasn’t rocked the boat, or stepped out of line. Classic Nine.

The Duke: Seven (Epicure)

Witty and pragmatic, this penniless Greek aristocrat married into the British Royal Family and, regardless of his own modest background, has enjoyed making superior and sarcastic comments about just about everyone else. Saved by his irreverent sense of humour. Typical Seven.

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall

Prince Charles: Five (Observer)

At 68, Prince Charles has waited longer than any other successor to the British throne. In fact, this suits his nature. As a Five, Charles easily feels overwhelmed by the expectations and demands of others. He is more comfortable at home, talking to his plants and studying organic farming.

The Duchess of Cornwall: Eight (The Boss)

Described as a “hell-for-leather horsewoman” and a strong personality, Camilla Parker Bowles was the one to whom Prince Charles turned for support after the assassination by the IRA of his uncle and long-term advisor, Lord Louis Mountbatten. She wears the pants in their marriage.

Prince William and Kate

Prince William: Nine (Mediator)

More popular than his father, Prince William will nevertheless wait patiently in line for his turn to wear the crown. Since birth, it has been his destiny to be king and, after some early rebellious noises, he has decided to go along with it and make the best of his fate. More in depth…

Kate Middleton: Seven (Epicure)

This was an ordinary, middle class young woman who managed to fulfil her idealistic dream of marrying a prince. Of all the Royals, Kate seems the most delighted with her role. So far, she has played it perfectly. She probably wakes up in the morning and still can’t believe it. More in depth…

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry: Six (Devil’s Advocate)

Harry was the underdog, always the No. 2 to his elder brother William. He compensated by wild partying and became known as “the party prince”. This might make him a Seven, but, after serving in the British Army, his genuine caring for disabled soldiers tags him as Six. More in depth as a Number Seven or as a Number Six…

Meghan Markle: Three (Performer) or Four (Tragic Romantic)

Meghan, like Kate, will do well as a princess. She is good-looking, intelligent and a polished performer in front of the cameras. An experienced actress, she’ll play the role to perfection. But her parent’s early divorce may indicate her deeper sadness as a Four. More in depth…

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