Voyages — 05 June 2018

…left his body on 2nd May 2018.

Gyan Samarth

Swami Gyan Samarth (aka Dr Bhagwan Singh), MA, PdD, Deputy Secretary (ret) at Rani Durgavati University, passed away in Jabalpur after a heart attack. He was 83 years old.

During the mid-fifties, when he was a student of BA second year and Osho a student of MA Philosophy at Sagar University, their rooms at the hostel were side by side and they became close friends.

Ageh Bharti wrote that he was one of the simplest and humblest men he saw in his life and recalled what Samarth once told him about Osho:

“When I saw Osho for the very first time I felt him as a great being. His graceful walking, his calm and quiet way of living just fascinated me. I felt I wanted to touch his feet but hesitated to do so. However, I used to keep watch for when he would leave his room that I could see him and feel blessed. I was so much attracted but could not find a way to relate, to touch his feet. Then in October or November he was not seen for a few days. I thought he might have gone to his place for the festival of lights. Suddenly, one afternoon I heard a knock at my door. When I opened, I found him standing there with an empty bucket for water, having just come back from his hometown.

“I asked him, ‘Why did you take the trouble? You could have summoned me and I could have brought the water for you.’ This is when our friendship commenced. When he came to Damoh [a town in north-eastern Madhya Pradesh] to deliver a speech, he wrote a letter to me and stayed at my home. Such a great blessing. Then at Jabalpur he also came to my house twice on his own. He always called me by my name, Bhagwan Singh, and also wrote letters to me with this name. When my daughter was born, he gave her the name, Yasha.”

When Osho left Jabalpur for Mumbai-Poona-Rajneeshpuram, they continued to correspond with each other until 1985 through Osho’s secretaries.

In 1997, visiting Pune with a marriage party, Samarth met with Niklank Bharti and Amit (Osho’s younger brothers) which resulted in the start of Osho Gangotri Meditation Centre in Awadhpuri in March 1999, with Samarth regularly in attendance, and he took sannyas in October 2000.

Samarth further commented that “[Osho’s] bond of friendship with me is so strong that it has not broken even long after he has left his body. Now I meditate four times a day and it is all due to his heavenly grace. The bond of love that exists between him and me is immortal. Since 1995 to this day we have not separated. He is the soul of this universe and I a non-entity. During our Sagar University days, he always treated me as his friend – but, I consider myself to be no better than his close servant.”

For more about Samarth’s friendship and correspondence with Osho please see Ageh Bharti’s second English-volume book, ‘Beloved Osho’, Ch 1.

Text thanks to Ageh Bharti and Bhagawati


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