You want a meaning to life?


A poem by Jeff Foster.

Lac Doré by Sanjiva


You mean, you want a meaning to life?
This grace, this wonder, and meaning, too?
Isn’t it enough to be the Universe experiencing itself?
To be God marvelling at her creation?
To be the soft autumnal raindrops,
the vast mysterious oceans
and the flowers budding in springtime?
To be each organism as it is conceived,
is birthed and dies in a perfect succession?
Isn’t is enough to be the All
playing as the All?
And you still ask about meaning?
You still call each moment ‘ordinary’?
You still forget the sanctity of a single breath?
Oh sweet one, don’t you know,
Your very existence is miraculous,
Drenched in an infinite meaning
which only becomes apparent
When you stop looking for it.

And open your eyes.


Jeff FosterPoem by Jeff Foster –

Illustration by Sanjiva –

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