Osho, 1975

Remembering Here&Now

A rare video filmed at the end of 1975 in Pune by Robert Hillmann, aka Prem Samvada.

Much of the documentary shows the events on Osho’s birthday, 11 December 1975. The discourse Osho gave on that day was the first chapter of Come Follow to You, Vol 3. It must have been a rare event that Robert Hillmann (Swami Prem Samvada) was given permission to film both during discourse and evening darshan.

Plenty of footage showing the meditations and also street scenes in Pune. Given that the video was made more than 40 years ago the quality is at times a bit poor yet its antiquity makes it even more endearing!

Watch on Vimeo

The film has German subtitles.

Directed and photographed by Robert Hillmann (aka Prem Samvada)
Written and edited by Samvada (aka Prem Samvada)
Music by Chaitanya Hari Deuter
Location sound recording by Larry Marks
Cinematography – Opening Title Sequence by Charles Rudnick
Titles Stop Frame
Post production supervisor and sound editor Alfred Hillmann
Sound mixing Will Harvey, Studio C
Narration Recording David Dobkin and Stephen Hill
Assistant editor John Fante
Negatived cutters Michael Rudnick and Debra McDermott
TVC Laboratory – New York
Monaco Laboratory – San Francisco

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