…left his body on 12th May 2018.

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Chandradeva (Norbert Eiermann) was born in 1955 near Cologne, Germany. After the Abitur (higher school certificate) he attended the University in Bielefeld, first studying Mathematics and later changing to Sociology. His inner search already started while at Uni; he eventually dropped out, went travelling and, in 1981, ‘ended up’ at Purvodaya, the sannyas centre near Munich, where he took sannyas and then became a member of the commune.

He later also joined the commune at Schloss Wolfsbrunnen near Kassel, where he worked as the in-house electrician. When Sheela dissolved the commune, he was sent to Switzerland but, as this didn’t suit him, he moved back to Munich where he decided to get an education in IT. He studied and discovered his talent for IT and programming and his love for this kind of work.

In the nineties you may have seen him in Poona where, for many years, he was part of Computer Support. In fact, he wrote the first computer program to handle session bookings. He was a tall silent German who liked to work, but you would also find him at celebrations in Buddha Hall where he loved to sing and dance.

It was in Poona, in the mid-nineties, that he met and fell in love with Austrian Devarupa. They were lovers and then beloved friends; she was with him until his death.

When not in Poona, Chandradeva lived mostly in Germany, especially in the Freiburg area. When Samma started the German software company, Sidoun, he brought Chandradeva on board as the chief software developer and Chandradeva designed and co-wrote their first, very successful, architecture software. Around 2000 he founded his own software company, working as a one-man-show for the Baden-Württemberg government, developing a software which is now used all over Germany.

Together with Devarupa he bought a beautifully located house in the Black Forest hills near Freiburg, which they renovated. (This is where he lived until he became ill.)

In later years he was a frequent visitor of the summer festivals at Osho Risk and loved to participate in Peter Makena’s singing workshops. His love and dedication to Osho continued throughout his life. When visiting him in his home, you were often invited to sit and meditate with him. Chandradeva was also part of the ORGA team of sannyasins in Freiburg who regularly organize Osho evening meditation and dance events.

In August 2016 Chandradeva had a mild heart attack and 6 stents were placed. All seemed to be OK but from last December on, he started having pain in his hip. Only when in February he went to see his doctor to check out a suspicious-looking spot near his left ear, it was discovered that he had cancer and that it had already spread all over his body.

Initially he tried various treatments, but ten days before his death, he completely surrendered to the inevitable. This made his death process a very beautiful one, in spite of the pain and its necessary management. Five days before his death his last wish – that of marrying Devarupa – could be fulfilled thanks to the loving help of the palliative station in Freiburg. Garimo and Abhay were the witnesses.

Friends and family came to visit and say goodbye. Devarupa cared for him on his journey and together they listened to Maneesha’s Bardo process which helped him sink into a deep let-go.

Text by Deeva


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Loved Chandradeva,

just within a few days’ time two of our commune members have left to the other shore. Beloved Wajid is travelling close to you.

When I read about your departure so many moments popped out of nowhere. You standing on a ladder in the ground floor of Oshostadt fiddling with a bunch of coloured cables for our new telephone system. I stopped and looked at this cable bundle and all I could see was the beauty of all these coloured cables. You smiled at me and explained that knowing where all those cables had to go and fit, so that our telephone system would eventually work, was anything but easy. I had no doubt you would manage, and working at the reception in our family office using this very telephone system daily, I often remembered your work that made it possible to connect to everybody in the castle easily.

Or when we both were witnesses to Vinamro and Deepam’s wedding. You dressed in a red suit with a pink shirt and of course your mala. All looked so good until I saw your Birkenstock shoes that in your perception were totally ok to wear with a red suit. It took some effort to convince you that this was not appropriate and we finally found some shoes for you and off we went to the most funny wedding I ever went to. The marriage registrar almost kicked us out, because we could not stop giggling.

Thank you, loved friend, for sharing so many beautiful commune moments. Thank you for making yourself available many times when I reached out to you. Have a wonderful flight into the cosmic home.

With love,



I got to know Chandradeva some years ago. We participated together in men’s lib. And we laughed for days together. Generous man, passionate soul and loving disciple of Osho. Fly High, Chandradeva……smiling.



Beloved Chandradeva,

I always loved being around you in Pune, and re-meeting you at Risk the last few years has been so wonderful! Good journey, sweet friend.

With love,



Dearest Chandradeva,

So sad to hear you have left us… beautiful times in simple greetings to each other – across a courtyard, in a cafe or when you sublet my room in Pune Two for a while…

Fly well, dear friend!



Beloved Chandradeva,

Fly high love – I was soo surprised and sad to hear you got sick! It happened so fast.

It was a joy to know you. First in Poona, then in Denmark when you came to visit us. I loved to look in through the door when you and Premdas were excitedly solving software problems. Sparks were flying!

Your generosity of spirit always touched us. Fly high, beloved friend…

Deeva (Charlotte Jensen)


Beloved brother,
I often think of the nice hours with you and I miss you more and more!

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