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Osho answers the question, “Beloved Osho, If you depart on the 6th of July *) of any year, are we all going with you?”

No, nobody is going with me. I am not Reverend Jim Jones, I am not even a Christian. The day I go, your responsibility to live becomes greater – to live me, to become me. All around the world all the communes have to understand it.

It is very easy to die with me. It is so easy that it is against my sannyasins’ dignity. I will not give you such any easy job. You have to live! And when I am not there, you have to live more consciously, more carefully – because who is going to spread me all over the world?

Remember, dying is a very easy thing; it happens in a single moment. Living is the real challenge. My leaving the body will be a challenge for you, that now that I have left one body, I can be in all of your bodies; that now I am not speaking from one mouth, I can speak from millions of mouths.

Christians have been cowards, not accepting the responsibility of Jonestown. They have created a religion which is death-oriented. My religion is life-oriented, I do not believe in death. In fact, there is no death. Nothing dies, it only transmigrates into new forms.

The enlightened person does not enter another life circle; he has nothing left to learn. The world is just a school. If you go on committing mistakes in unconsciousness, existence will give you millions of chances to come back again and again until you get awakened and drop your mistakes. That will be your last embodiment.

I am not going to be reborn in a body, because that would be just idiotic. When I can live in the bodies of millions of my sannyasins, what is the point of again getting caged in one body? In fact, the enlightened consciousness simply spreads into all those who are available and open. It becomes universal.

You are not going with me, but I am coming within you!

Osho, From the False to the Truth, Ch 16, Q 4

*) While Osho was in Rajneeshpuram, July 6th was declared Master’s Day and thousands of sannyasins and friends from all over the world would come to join the Summer Festival. Historically – and now again among most of Osho’s people – the first full moon in July, Guru Purnima, is the day to celebrate the Master.

The question was asked because there was some talk in the community that Osho would die on that day in 1985.

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