History is taking a great turn – it is moving on another plane

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Osho says, “A real man has no nostalgia at all. He never looks back because it is no longer there.”

Osho 319

If you are a seeker you will have to learn continuously. Life is learning. Learning never stops. Even at the moment of death the seeker goes on learning; he learns death. He’s always ready to change.

Water represents the changing element, the eternally changing, flux-like phenomenon. Those who are ready to change, and forget and forgive the past, and are ready to go with the moment, are the real human beings because they are the adventurers. They know the beauties of life and the benedictions of life. And life reveals its mysteries only to these people, and only to these people – because they are worthy, they have earned it. By risking, they have earned. They are courageous.

In the water blows the wind of the Gentle.

And if you become a water-like phenomenon, changing, constantly changing, moving, flowing, never clinging to the past and the old, always searching for the new and always enjoying the new, then… the wind of the Gentle blows. Then grace descends. Then beatitude descends in your being. Then, the first dance of the divinity in you… that is called ‘the wind of the Gentle’.

God is very gentle. He never knocks on your doors. You never hear His footsteps. When He comes, He comes so silently, without making any noise. Unless you are water-like, the breeze of God will never dance on you. First become fluid.

That is my message too, to my sannyasins: remain fluid.

And remember, the future belongs to those who are ready to change constantly, because now the world is changing so fast that the people who cling to the old are going to suffer very much. In the past they have not suffered very much. On the contrary, the people who were ready to change have suffered very much.

In the future, just the reverse is going to be the case: the future belongs to those who will love change and who will be dancingly ready to change, who will celebrate change. And whenever there will be an occasion to change, they will never miss it. The future is going to be with them. History is taking a great turn; it is moving on another plane. That’s why my insistence is always that whenever something is changing, don’t prevent it.

If your relationship with your woman is changing, don’t prevent it. Allow it, let it have its own course. Even if you have to separate, don’t be worried. That clinging mind will keep you miserable. If it is changing, it is changing! Enjoy the change, enjoy the new. Receive the new, welcome it. And soon you will see that if you become capable of receiving the new without any fuss about the old, your life will start having an elegance, a grace, a gentleness. You will become like a soft flower.

This is the moment when a seeker starts dancing. This is the moment when celebration starts. And remember, porpoises and chimpanzees may play, but only man celebrates. Celebration is utterly human. You have heard many definitions; somebody says man is the rational animal, and somebody says something else. I say man is the celebrating animal. That is where he is different from all other animals.

But how can you celebrate if you are clinging to the old? Then you live in your grave because you live in the past, you live in the dead, and you don’t allow life to reach you. It is as if a rosebush has become addicted to the old roses which are dead, dried up, and goes on collecting those petals that have fallen, and is afraid of new buds and new flowers, and is afraid of the spring.

This is the situation of millions of people, the majority of people: they remain clinging to the dead petals, dried; they go on collecting them. They live in their memories… they call it nostalgia; it is stupidity, nothing else.

A real man has no nostalgia at all. He never looks back because it is no longer there. He lives in the moment and remains open for the future. The present is his, and the present makes him capable of receiving the future. His doors are always open for the wind, for the rain, for the sun. He is an opening.

Osho, The Secret of Secrets, Vol 2, Ch 7 (excerpt)

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