…left his body on 20th June 2018.

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Jivan Wajid, his name meaning ‘life’s passionate longing for god’, grew up in Cologne. He had a difficult childhood and came to Purvodaya in 1980 and later took part of the commune in Wolfsbrunnen, at that time called Rajneeshstadt. He also lived for some years at the Cologne centre where he sometimes worked as a barman in the disco.

In 2004, Wajid came to Zschachenm├╝hle, Oshostadt. He had a deep connection with Siddhartha who gave him the love that his father could not give to him.

We experienced him as a very helpful person, in many many ways. He had a heart and a keen mind, a beautiful soul. He liked Sufi dancing and travelling, especially to Norway, and was an excellent photographer.

Wajid died in a motorbike accident.

Text credit to Adina and Gunageet


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Wajid is my middle brother. He paved the way for me to find Osho for which I am forever grateful. Without him I most probably would have died way before him now, as our childhood was so full of adversities that without our master we would not have made it through that far. The pain that comes and goes is due to the unresolved trauma that he carried and that led to the accident he had. The joy that comes and goes is due to him being welcomed on the other side by a sufi mystic and by our beloved master. So bliss can come and happen. Relaxation is possible. A new life, a new dawn, a new birth as well.

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