Each flower will help you to flower


Osho gives Prabhupad, Parmartha’s brother, a name for a center in Ireland: “It is just as when the gardener sees that one of his trees has bloomed – he is tremendously happy.”

Osho in garden

Osho: Hello Prabhupad! You are leaving?

Prabhupad (an Irish sannyasin): Yes, I’m going to live on a small farm in Ireland. And I’d like to see it grow into an ashram.

Osho: In Ireland? Try! I will give you a name. Where is it in Ireland?

Prabhupad: It’s near Kilkenny… it’s in the hills.

Osho: Very good. So make a small ashram there.

[Osho gave Prabhupad a name for the centre and went on to talk about the qualities of coolness and stillness. One kind of coolness is dead, another has life in it – and one should try to attain to the latter. If one could remain cool, nothing would be able to disturb one.]

Then you have a citadel within you and you can move into it any moment. You can simply go and have a shelter. Many times life is too much and one needs to move to some shelter. Life is too much restlessness, particularly so in the west, and one needs an inner shrine where one can relax and be in rest.

So around this idea create a small ashram, and soon people will start gathering and they will come.

All over the world there is such a great desire to find the way, that one just needs to start and people will be coming. When people will come, and when people grow, you will be rejoiced tremendously. There is nothing a man can be more happy about than when he sees somebody becoming silent, growing, meditative, happy, celebrating….

So when you start a centre, a sannyas ashram, you are creating a field in which many people will come and flower. And each flower will help you to flower.

It is just as when the gardener sees that one of his trees has bloomed – he is tremendously happy. But that is nothing compared to when you see a human being blooming. If you have helped him in any way, you feel tremendously happy. Your energy has been used, has been of some use, has helped somebody… has not been destructive, and has been creative. What more can a man hope for?

Will it be easy to pronounce? – ‘upashanta’. Good!

Osho, What Is, Is, What Ain’t, Ain’t, Ch 27

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