(21 April 1961 – 23 July 2018)

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Gyandeva (aka Sw. Dhyandeva) writes:

Prem Avinash was born in Porto Alegre, Southern Brazil, as the youngest of eleven brothers and sisters. At the age of 16 she took sannyas, being one of the first in her country.

Her name, Prem Avinash, means ‘Eternal Indestructible Love’. From the beginning she was known for her single-pointed dedication to meditation and the teachings of the Master. She worked for a while – in red! – at a bank and later was leading meditations at the local center.

Only much later she could go and see Osho at Rajneeshpuram. From there she went to live in the Hamburg and other European communes.

I came to know Avinash in Pune, in 1989, and we have been together ever since. She was a member of the Mystery School – Tarot Counseling, Chakra Balancing and Psychic Massage. One of the first things she said to me when we became involved was that for her the Truth of the Master was number one, “just to let it be clear…” This is the way she lived and also worked with people: straightforward, down to earth, but always right from her big heart.

Sometime after Osho had left the body we both, on a mysterious call, left Poona for Lucknow. There we lived for six years with Papaji who told her in one meeting to speak the silence she had found. Something she later did; working with individuals and groups in her unique way: she was able to pick you up where you were and, with a lot of loving patience, open your eyes for what lies beyond and what really counts.

Almost two decades of work and travel in Europe, India and Brazil came to a halt, when two years ago she was diagnosed with ALS, a motor neuron disease which progressively switches off almost all muscles in the body.

In these two years, being by her side and caring for her, she showed she was worth her salt: unfazed and fearless she continued with a loving smile, even when already sitting in a wheelchair, arms and legs paralyzed and unable to speak. That didn’t keep her from still giving advice to us via a special, eye-controlled computer, and reassuring us that all was well and perfect. A surrender in action that blew away many who came to see her.

Finally, when also swallowing and breathing were affected and she was transferred to a hospice, she continued to radiate fearless love, true to her name, and she could pierce you with a look…

As calmly and peacefully as she had lived, she passed away with me by her side – light filling the room.

Her body was cremated last Guru Purnima near Hamburg and I will bring her ashes to Rishikesh and Arunachala.

I bow in gratitude to my beloved for the amazing time together, and above all, for showing the way to live in Heart and Truth till the ‘end’, no matter what.



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