Adam asks: “What is a headache?”

1001 Tales Discourses

Osho explains the origins of women’s headaches.

Adam and Eve by William Blake

Listen to this small story.

The Lord called Adam from the Garden of Eden and spoke to him.

“I am going to teach you to kiss.”

“What is kiss?” asked Adam.

“You go to Eve and you place your lips on hers.”

Adam did this and returned shortly.

Now, said the Lord, “I will teach you to make love.”

“What is love?”

And the Almighty explained to Adam, and Adam left to try what he had learned.

Very soon he came back.

“Lord,” said Adam, “What is a headache?”

That”s how it goes. So when your woman says that she has a headache, don”t bother her. It is not something new. It started with Eve – and the very first day Adam made love to her.

Osho, Sufis: The People of the Path – Talks on Sufism, Vol 1, Ch 12, Q 3 (excerpt)


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