(9 January 1943 – 4 October 2018)

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Prembodhi (Mario Montano, PhD) was born in Italy in 1943 and earned a philosophy degree. In his late twenties he taught at several universities in the USA (1969-1975), among others teaching Social Movements.

In 1976, while living at the ashram as a resident, he was encouraged by Osho to go deeper into Tarot reading. Prembodhi then introduced the use of the Waite deck in psychotherapy groups and in dream work, and, around 1978, gave the first Intuitive Tarot workshop. In the ashram he was also working as a translator for Osho’s books.

Together with Rajenda Faccioli he wrote the best-selling book, Il Tarocco Intuitivo, (first published in 1979 by Re Nudo, followed by a second edition in 2007) (German: Intuitiver Tarot). He became the initiator of the Intuitive Tarot ‘movement’ that spread like a wildfire, well beyond the sannyas world. Further publications are Tarot Rider: Mirror of Life (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German – 12th edition) together with Mirta Zampieri; Master Tarot Deck (English and German); Tarot: Spiegel deiner Gesundheit and Tarot: Spiegel deiner Liebe (both in German); Rider Tarot: Intuition et inconscient (French).

Since 1984 he has also been a practising astrologer and started the wave of Intuitive Astrology. He was the director of the Institute for Intuitive Arts in Munich, a professor in medical and psychosomatic astrology at the Academy of Holistic Medicine in Milan and taught astro-colourpuncture according to Peter Mandel.

In recent years he has been moving between the Arya Vihar ashram in the Himalayas and various centres for therapy and alternative medicine in Europe where he taught Intuitive Tarot and Intuitive Astrology.

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Bio credit to Prembodhi’s website, Devakrishna’s Thanks for alert to Shanti, Upchara, Dagmar and Shakura.

His body can be viewed until Sunday, 7 October (9am-7pm) at Casa Vidas, Via Ojetti 66, Milan. Monday morning, 8 October at 9am there will be a celebration at Lambrate graveyard, Milan

Miraculous Tarot – In this article he wrote in 2006, Prembodhi remembers the day he arrived in Pune, Osho giving his blessings to a set of Tarot cards, the creation of Intuitive Tarot and ponders over its world-wide development


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I met Prembodhi in 1975 or was it 1976? I don’t remember. He looked like in this photo below. He had just come from the States where he had been teaching at a university. I immediately understood that this was a friendship that would last – and it has lasted until now. He was absolutely brilliant, generous and with a great sense of humour, very charismatic.

Prembodhi 1976

We shared the best time of our lives, namely the Pune 1 years with Osho in the ashram. That was an indescribable time; a Stargate had opened and we lived in a spaceship. I remember him in his bamboo hut where he lived and gave Tarot workshops. That’s where the great intuition of the Intuitive Tarot was born. It was a new way of reading Tarot cards, completely unrelated to the traditional method.

Prem went full-on at that time, often reading the cards before turning them over. He was famous for his devil’s glance, which he cultivated perhaps to move the more lazy students to get more involved.

I remember an anecdote that happened later in time: When I went to visit him in his beautiful cottage in Tuscany, before entering the house where my girlfriend and I were invited to stay, he took me aside and gave me an envelope. There was a lot of money in it. He told me that it was for me to spend for a better holiday.

The feeling that comes to me when thinking about him is this great human warmth which made everyone feel at ease immediately. I think that Prembodhi has been loved by everyone as a family member – that was the feeling of warmth that he gave.

A big hug. Prem, you are great! (Prem sei un grande!)

Muni – translated from Italian by Osho News


I met Prembodhi when he was still Mario. We were both academics – he at Adelphi and me and SUNY Old Westbury. We had a mutual student in common and we were both leftists.

A little while later, Mario became Prembodhi, resigned from teaching and went to Poona. I called him and asked, “What are you doing that for?” A couple of years later, I made the same journey.

We both loved and worked with tarot. And, in Poona, we were both doing readings.

Prembodhi was a brilliant and loving man. I will miss him.



I only recently heard that your body has been very ill, and I could not contact you anymore.
Remembering you vividly from Munich, Pune and long ago from Berlin….

Wishing you an easy and gentle passage!



Ho incontrato Prembodhi nel 1980. Avevo appena preso il sannyas e partecipai al suo gruppo di Tarocchi. In quei giorni molte bellissime bamboo hut occupavano Music House ed è in quello spazio molto suggestivo che si svolse il suo magico gruppo. …Gratitudine!

Prembhodi caro amico, grande cuore, grande intelligenza, grande energia, insaziabile nella ricerca, così lo ricordo. Siamo capitati nella stessa tenda la prima notte al nostro arrivo al ranch e nei primi anni ‘90, entrambi in Maremma, eravamo vicini di casa abbastanza da vederci spesso quando non era nell’ashram in Himalaia.

In quei giorni lavorava ad un nuovo mazzo di Tarocchi e mi è capitato di aiutarlo economicamente in momenti di temporanea difficoltà e sono felice di sapere anche da Muni che, quando aveva i mezzi per farlo, lui era affettuosamente generoso con gli amici. Appena l’ebbe terminato mi regalò le bozze fotografiche di quel suo mazzo di Tarocchi. Regalo prezioso. Col tempo ci siam persi di vista ma spesso l’ho ricordato e seguito su internet il suo lavoro.

Pioggia di petali di rose… grazie Prembodhi.



Seeing your picture in Osho News, I immediately jumped back to one of my most intensive and beautiful memories of Pune I: The one week intensive you conducted in the great circular hut with 12 participants. The atmosphere was so miraculous, Osho’s and your craziness so vibrant, that we all seemed to be in a permanent state of drunkenness… even I, the serious doctor from Switzerland. Heaven and Hell, real and imagined…

I can still see the great cake with the Jewish Chai [Hebrew word for ‘life’, ed.]: the Chai had been on a necklace given to me by my then girlfriend Rachel, which I had attached to my mala for some months. As this began to make me feel uneasy, I decided to do an ‘Intuitive Tarot Test’ by hiding the amulet in a big cake, which was offered to the group. And who got the piece of cake with the amulet? None of the present Jews but me! Life came back to me… Thank you again for that great gift.

Prem Leeladhar


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