…left his body on 13 October 2018.


In 1973 Prabhupad began his spiritual journey through working for KDKB, a radio station in Phoenix, where he produced shows on New Age subjects. Shortly after, he was involved in forming Aquarian Communications, a growth center in Phoenix, AZ. During that time he met sannyasins who were traveling around the USA offering meditation weekends.

In 1981 he arrived on the Ranch. Many of you will remember him from driving the grader there. And perhaps you’ll remember his booming laughter! He was always one for a good laugh. In the early 2000’s he worked with Kabir, the astrologer, helping run Essence Training Inner Work School in Germany. Afterwards, he came to live on Orcas Island in Washington State.

When he was diagnosed with stage four cancer he was invited in by friends. As his body declined he didn’t want to burden them, or himself as well. He planned his departure date, the 13th of October well in advance. He jokingly said, “I’ve my ticket booked on Transcendent Air on the 13th.”

In the last days he was joking, happy, and ready to go. He said, “I’ve done what I came to do. I leave with no regrets, no unfinished bucket list. I’m excited to see what’s on the other side.” Surrounded by loving friends, he took the special medications. He passed peacefully 20 minutes later.

Text and photo thanks to Kabir


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P-pod was not ‘just’ a grader driver at the ranch. We used that grader for so many projects it was never intended for… and he always welcomed the challenges. Sometimes the grader became a tow truck for big equipment that we managed to get into precarious positions. He always came to the rescue with such aplomb, and whatever was asked of him, even sometimes very difficult, was always treated like ‘no big deal’. And he often graced us quietly with a beautiful smile!

After the ranch, I enjoyed seeing him in the extended sangha in San Diego. Remembering one time having a few friends over for dinner, a souffle which never quite souffled, and we laughed a lot.

Sorry to have missed the opportunity to visit him in the Orcas but grateful for having the opportunity to know him and enjoy his lovely big spirit. It’s totally like him to fly out on his own terms. Love.



A booming laugh!
After the ranch, San Diego days! Wherever you’re heading, hope they have a grader, some marlboro reds and that you don’t have to hang any drywall!


Oh yes, P Pod.
We lived in a communal house for a while after the Ranch and when I returned from Poona 2. Yup, big laugh and nothing was a big deal and life was simple… a blessing to the planet and, oh PPod… no more drywall!
Enjoy yourself on your new adventure. Fly high and bless the cosmos!


At the ranch I knew Prabhupad only from a distance, but when he became a coordinator for the City of Rajneesh Fire Brigade we had regular meetings. He was such a nice guy, cool and easy. In my memory prevails the special unique flavour of his being. Very likable.

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