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Editorial by Bhagawati with a review of Pratiksha Apurvs’ recently launched book, ‘The Mystic and Her Colours. Published’ in The Speaking Tree on November 17, 2018.

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The book titled The Mystic And Her Colours by Pratiksha Apurv fits well on my lap, and I am touching the dramatic cover with the structured section of Pratiksha’s painting, Transcendence. I am feeling joyful because I have followed Pratiksha’s art and insights over the years and always appreciated reading her perceptive articles published in The Speaking Tree. The publication of her book is more than timely, for this world is in need of beauty and reflection, a world in need of meditation.

Taking my time to open this treasure, I savour Pratiksha’s artwork and her astute and penetrative compositions that accompany each painting. Her work has been described as meditative art, and indeed, her entire output is perceptibly based on meditation, allowing the flow of existential creativity to come to the surface, finding representation in masterful images and deeply inspired expression. As she so aptly and lyrically writes in the first chapter: To hear the unstruck drum of eternity and to smell the fragrance, one has to become aware, open and receptive to existence – to the new dawn and to the rising sun. One has to wake up to the new sun, new morning and the new dawn with total acceptance of what is available.

Pratiksha’s work is a clarion call, an all-encompassing invitation to stop the mad rushing about in our lives, to stop paying attention to the many distractions of modern life that might be fun for a mere moment but leave our hearts so painfully empty. Opening the pages at random, I let the eyes feast on the painting first, let it speak in its own intrinsic way – and then read that which is a meditation in itself and can open the path to the mysteries that we all tentatively know are present within but maybe have so far not dared to open up to.

Pratiksha has touched many peaks in her life, but just as the Himalayas unfold in peak after peak, I sense the sky for her won’t be the limit.

The Mystic And Her Colours
By Pratiksha Apurv
Publisher: Times Group Books
Pages: 136
Price: Rs 1,499

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