Osho cruising the oceans

Satire / Comedy

From the Superyacht Times we gleaned that the 60m Benetti superyacht named Osho has a new owner. Published on November 20, 2018.

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Osho Super Yacht

Built by Benetti SpA in Viareggio, Italy in 2011, the custom motor yacht was delivered under the name Lyana. Her name was then changed to Swan and she was refitted in 2014, with upgrade work done in 2016. Featuring an exterior design by Stefano Natucci and interiors by Pierre Yves Rochon she was renamed Osho earlier this year.

The elegance of the boat, outside and inside, is spectacular and in impeccable taste. As much as we were curious to find out who bought this yacht, not even the-man-who-usually-is-in-the-know, Mulla Nasruddin could deliver the info. We did hear him mutter about something oceanic…

Photo credit: IYC


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