Dhyan Aarti


…left her body on 13th January 2019.

Dhyan Aarti
Dhyan Aarti
Dhyan Aarti

Deva Dilruba / Kavita writes:

Dhyan Aarti, my fellow-traveller and mother, passed away peacefully at her residence in Koregaon Park. We gave her a joyful Osho send-off.

She worked in Veggie chopping, Pasta making of the Zorba Kitchen, in the Communication Department and at the Foodpass Counter of the Welcome Center at the Osho Commune Pune between 1993 and 2001.


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Dear Aarti Ma, your existence will be greatly missed. Rest in peace. Much love,
Sagar / Karen

Beloved Aarti,
I remember you so fondly behind the kiosk giving out foodpasses. You always had a kind smile or few words for me and the thousands who stood in front of you. Your devotion to the Master was palpable. I judge you had no ego left on your deathbed. Fly High!

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