I Will Live in a Small Hovel


A poem by Madhuri.

Whirly Teenage Painting by Madhuri

I will live in a small hovel
In the midst of life
And be a gypsy/mystic/poet constantly.
I will always wear a smock and sandals
My braided hair swinging
Around my knees
Forever kept shining by fog and delight.
There will be friends and coffee and music
And I will swim in the colors of love.
I will not be afraid
Of realization,
And I will have cats and friends
To help me.
I will leap high into the sky
At the slightest provocation
And sink deep into the sun.
At night I will dream of secret things
And awake to thick cool fog,
Glad that now is always.

Kati Akin, ‘66, first published in Madhuri’s first book, Impassioned Cows By Moonlight

MadhuriPoem and illustration by Madhuri

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