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Vistar writes about the Osho Bookshop and Meditation Center in Ahmedabad that his father started in 1994.

Osho Junction sign

My father, Dhyan Deepak (aka Purushottam K Patel), was a salesman for small machine spare parts. He used to travel across Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh with his scooter and knew every street in these states.

In 1989 he received the book Udio Pankh Pasar by Osho from a friend and fell in love with our Master. After reading this first book he started to enjoy more and more reading Osho. From then on he made his business trips to wherever a meditation camp was held, combining the two, and started to enjoy having Osho in his life.

He later bought stacks of the Hindi print edition of Osho Times, took them on his business trips and handed them out to people, spreading so Osho’s words to people who didn’t know anything about him. He would usually also set up a small stall at the meditation camps. This is how he got the idea of starting a bookshop.

Pucho Patel, the Indian freedom fighter, who loved Osho’s books and owned many of them in his library, offered us to use part of his residence for the bookshop and gave us some of his books and money to buy more. My father and I then moved from the village Dehgam to Satellite, Ahmedabad so that we could be close to the shop. It was inaugurated on 10 April 1994.

The bookshop, named Junction because it represents a meeting point for Osho lovers and sannyasins, sells only Osho’s books and magazines. It is in a good location and suitable also for meditation. We have had many great one-day events with Anand Swabhav, Brahm Vedant, Chaitanya Keerti and many others attending and facilitating the meditations.

Text by Jivan Vistar

Osho Junction
at Ridhi Sidhi Club House, next to back gate of Hotel Marriott, Ramdevnagar
300015 Ahmedabad, India
Open 365 days 8:00 – 20:00
+91 98240 51299 – +91 98257 78914
oshojunction.business.site – facebook.comoshojunction

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