Anand Yogendra


(10 July 1954 – 24 March 2019)

Yogendra 1

Suvasa writes:

Yogendra and I met in Poona on December 21, 1991 in a group called Beyond Beliefs by Waduda and Wadud. At the end of the afternoon session, Waduda said: “And now, if you like, turn to your neighbor and thank them.” During those four days we had never seen each other. Yogendra turned towards me and we hugged and both of us felt at home and the love started flowing. It has flowed for 27 years, going deeper and deeper.

In 1992, coming back “to the world”, Yogendra left Hamburg in 1993 and came to live with me in Geneva. Together, we have continued our journey with Osho. First by going every year for maybe 10 years to the Osho Academy of Sedona, taking part in Kaveesha’s group The Psychology of the Buddhas and others organized by David, Avirbhava, Waduda and Wadud.

Then to Osho Miasto in Italy, to be with Waduda and Wadud – who had changed their names to Leela and Prasad – and Alvina, where we took part in their groups of Living your Destiny and their ELC and Heart Meditation trainings.

Last January, Yogendra was diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – the same disease as Stephen Hawking had). For him, the disease was diagnosed as widespread and with fast evolution. This was devastating at first, but Yogendra proved to be extremely courageous, accepting, loving, in deep surrender to what was happening to his body. By and by he lost strength in his legs and hands.

I have been with him every single day, taking care of all his needs, organizing… It was going so fast; first the cane, then the rollator, then the wheelchair, then the medical bed. So many medical appointments, physiotherapist, ergo-therapy, caretakers, night guards and so on. Emotionally, it was intense; there was so much love between us, and so many friends around the world shared their hearts with us.

Finally, Sunday two weeks ago, he left the body in my arms, light as a feather, exactly as he had wanted.

If you are interested, he has a page on Facebook called “ALS or Acceptance Love Space” in which he is sharing his journey.

On May 11, I am organizing a celebration with all our friends, the people who took care, the medical staff and his colleagues – with the many people who have been touched by his heart, his light, his being.

Fly high, my most beloved companion, friend and fellow traveler.


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Beloved Yogendra,
My heart was touched so deeply with your presence during our meetings and sharing sessions of ELC. Your death leaves me with a deep trust in love and gratitude. It is giving me support to go on with this unknown journey. Your kindness I carry with me as a treasure. Thank you Suvasa for such beautiful sharing. Osho may support your courage, wisdom and acceptance in this transition. Much love,

Ah Yogendra,
We have had many fine moments together exploring the mysteries in the Mystery School. I don’t understand what kind of karma creates ALS, perhaps it’s easier to be unattached to the body when it wastes away. I am grateful for the way you lived and the way you died. Suvasa, thank you for your loving care, your loving heart. Fly high, Yogendra, beautiful man!

Dear Yogendra,
Seeing your picture, being on the Other Side now, I remembered you immediately from that time in Poona when you met Suvasa. We were friends. One day you told me very seriously, that this Heineken was tortured during the days he was kidnapped in The Netherlands. No, I said, nonsense, cannot be true. Yes, you continued with a big smile, “Er musste sein eigenes Bier trinken!”
I never forgot that, nor forget you.
From Holland with love,
Swami Premraj

Dear Yogendra, I hardly know you (we used to meet in Ajanta’s house in Chene-Bougeries). Yet, I remember you as a gentle-man, an embodiment of tenderness. I wish you a beautiful journey on the other side.
Suvasa, I send you my deepest sympathy, and especially, many many hugs.
Ma Prem Patra

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