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Iena SpiritWalker Robinson reviews the recently published book by White Star (Ma Prem Lino), subtitled The Journeys of a Psychic Mystic.

The Experience of the Ultimate coverWow, what an inspiring and exciting book, rich with sumptuous details of spiritual experiences, world travels, and personal growth set in our contemporary times with well-known potent teachers. White Star maintains an easy-reading informal tone and intimate, almost conversational, style throughout the book that, along with the fascinating scenery and forward-rolling action helps the pages breeze delightfully by, like a song-filled evening around a camp fire in the mountains.

What a rich life she has been a witness to and participant in. She maintains a consistently low profile throughout her work, despite amazing undertakings, as if she recognizes the grace in her life comes from beyond and she deserves little credit for it. Her psychic gifts, for example, are incredible by themselves, and she eventually develops them skillfully, but she came by them naturally from birth and so accepts them as if of course everyone had the same. And her up and down romantic life and broken hearts! Essential divine ordinariness, just like most of us!

But it is her powerful and kaleidoscopic spiritual journey that is the most enthralling: full of wondrous tales of sacred gurus and the magical landscape of India, of electrifying soul-soaring experiences and plain hard work and Oregon rednecks. Her first-person account of life at the Rajneeshpuram ranch in Antelope, Oregon, living there virtually the entire time this courageous star-crossed experiment took place, was a real highlight of the book. Here at last is a plain believable voice cutting through all the usual absurd hype and bias about this strange, remarkable place, telling the epic creation story of its exuberance and idealism in gathering thousands of young spirits from around the world, building an enlightened, joyous city in this insane and violent world. And themselves getting enlightened in the bargain! What else is life for?! But then comes the sad epic death story of the relentless fear-based attacks from the outside and ultimate betrayal and undoing from within. I for one am sick to death of hearing this story told in the usual sensationalist way including the recent Netflix series.

White Star’s heart broke when this dream turned to ashes, but, as her guru advised – be in the moment, don’t look back and move ever forward to new adventures and new horizons. And so, she does – and has more incredible adventures – at Poona II; with the great advaita teacher Papaji; with Native American teachers and on her special ‘guru tour’ of India. Along the way, as if almost by chance, she builds a stellar international reputation as a psychic and healer.

But underlying all the stories is the deeper truth that this remarkable woman, White Star, has done what so many others have only dreamed of. Within her ‘ordinary’ exterior lies the gritty determination of a seeker questing after enlightenment with energy and passion equal to any saint I’ve ever read about, always with an open and honest heart, and always through her youthful American point of view. A great read!

Review by Iena SpiritWalker Robinson, radio and television personality, and shaman.

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White Star (Lino Alelyunas)White Star is an internationally acclaimed clairvoyant, medium and Medicine Woman. In 1981 she took sannyas and was given the name Ma Prem Lino. She was a resident in Rajneeshpuram, joined Osho on the World Tour in Nepal and lived and worked in the Pune 2 ashram. She has appeared several times on American TV, is in Who’s Who, has been voted one of the top 20 psychics in America and has had the title of Medicine Woman conferred upon her by other Native American medicine men and women.

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