Only the present moment is the real

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Osho talks about meditating in a Buddhafield, “the field of awakening” and returning to “the marketplace.”

Beloved Master, To be with you here now has become a great challenge for me. After being a sannyasin for six years, this time I feel so ready. Something wants to explode in a never-ending laughter, or in endless tears; something wants to break through.

Beloved Master, what is it that makes it so easy to encounter myself when I am in your presence, and how can I avoid falling into the old traps again when I am not here?

Osho 42

Paripurna, the moments that you pass here are bound to have a different quality to them. You are surrounded by people who are all here to be silent, to be peaceful, to be loving. In one word, they are here to taste something of meditation. And when so many people are relaxing into the silences of their hearts, moving away from their minds, their past, their future, and are just remaining in the present, it creates a certain energy sphere, a certain vibe, a tidal wave that you cannot see.

But if you are here, you will certainly be affected by the energy generated by so many people’s silences. You will be having flowers showered on you, which are not visible. So many people, peaceful and loving; so many people no longer interested in the past, which is no more… who are just here and now, not imagining and projecting about the future, which is not yet.

I want the world
to be your very test.

Only the present moment is the real. Past is a fiction, just a memory; future is a fiction, just an imagination. When so many people are living in the real, they create a space in which you can easily find yourself also relaxed, silent, loving.

This is the purpose of the whole gathering of seekers of the mysteries of existence. Without knowing, they are all helping each other. Without making any effort to help, their very being becomes a magnetic pull. I call this field the Buddhafield, the field of awakening.

It is because of this that you feel totally different – not trapped in your old patterns. But this should not become an addiction, it should be only a place of learning an art. And then go back home into the marketplace, and carry the fragrance that you have gathered here.

In the beginning you will find it difficult; but slowly slowly it becomes so much part of you that, wherever you go, you will find it exactly the same as you find it here. If it becomes an addiction – that only here you feel good and great, rejoicing and peaceful, and not in the world… that is not my approach.

Past is a fiction,
just a memory;
future is a fiction,
just an imagination.

That has been the approach for thousands of years of all the religions. That’s why they all created monasteries. They all created an atmosphere of renouncing the world; because what they gain, what they experience in the monasteries, in the mountains, in the gatherings of fellow seekers, they lose the moment they enter into the marketplace. So they thought that it is the marketplace which destroys their valuable experiences. Their conclusion was absolutely wrong.

It is not the marketplace; it is their own not-yet well-crystallized beings that become affected when they come to the world. I want the world to be your very test. I am not in favor of renouncing the world. I’m in absolute favor of going out of the world for a few months, enjoying the peace, the silence of the forests, of the mountains, of gatherings like this; and then you go back to the marketplace – because that is where the real test is.

If you can maintain your peace, your silence, your love, and the world cannot disturb you, then you have really achieved something. Otherwise you were simply being pulled by a certain magnetic field, but it was not becoming a transformation in your being.

So my suggestion is: whenever you feel that you are losing the track, this communion will remain available. You can come back, you can get recharged. But the real test is in the world, the final decision will be there.

One day you will find that nothing can disturb you, nothing can take away your peace, nothing can stir your silence, nothing can destroy your blissfulness. Then it has become something… part of your own growth. Your being is crystallized, it has itself become a magnet.

Others will start feeling in your presence a certain freshness, a certain fragrance, a certain newness. Your presence will become an invocation and an invitation to them, that what they are is not their wholeness; they can still grow, they can still become more, richer, juicier. Life can have more significance. It need not be just a drag from the cradle to the grave; it can also be a dance. And unless life is a dance, you don’t know anything about the divine.

Only your dance, to the extent that the dancer disappears and only the dance remains, will give you your first glimpse of godliness in existence. But remember always: you are not to get addicted to me, or to the people here – they are constantly changing.

Come, refresh yourself, your memories – but go back into the world. This way you are not only crystallizing your being, you are also helping the world. Sending you into the world is sending a message into the world, because there may be others who are also thirsty. Seeing you, and your thirst quenched, they may also be fortunate enough to come here and be here.

Osho, The Rebel, Ch 25, Q 2

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