Dayanand (updated)


(16 December 1947 – 29 June 2019)

040 Day with B and Renu
060 Kamaal, Neelam and Dayanand 2011

Born on December 16, 1947 in Munich, Germany
Took sannyas on April 16, 1973
Died on June 29, 2019 in Mas, Bali

Bhagawati writes:

Dayanand, beloved friend, died yesterday after an emergency operation in a hospital in Mas, Bali. He had experienced excruciating pain in his lower abdomen the night before and was operated on yesterday to repair a hernia. While operating, the doctors found that severe sepsis had developed in his colon and were unable to continue. He did not return to consciousness and died shortly after. His beloved wife, Neneng was with him, as well as several Balinese friends.

Anatto and I arrived approximately two hours later and when we entered the ICU cubicle, we both felt his energy in a subtle way. He looked very peaceful and we said our goodbyes.

Dayanand had been living on Bali for more than twenty years and was a very close friend to us both. Over the last few years Dayanand and I had established long coffee dates where we would speak a lot about our inner lives and inevitably about Osho, always.

In a note he wrote in November 2011, he related the following:

Osho is the trust I have, he is the love I have, he is that which leads me beyond my limitations beyond what I know into the unknown.

He has found me way before I met him physically.
He took care of me, protected me, not only from inside.

And he is still guiding me, holding my hand lovingly.
This must have been going on for lifetimes.

He continued,

I had a dream shortly before I met him. I was climbing up a huge ancient building, a magnificent structure; I climbed up on the side where I could easily get a foothold in what looked almost like stairs.

But whenever I took a step, the ledge under me that I had just left behind crumbled and fell away, so I could not get back, only up and up until I reached the peak of the structure. I looked down and I was way up and there was no way to climb down again; it all had crumbled away.

I called for help and people gathered below and tried with ladders to help; even fire trucks came but none of the ladders could reach where I was, it was too high.

It was hopeless.

Then I saw this tiny bald figure, a blend of Gurdjieff and the old man who had taken care of me during my childhood.

He looked up and smilingly said, “Jump.”

How can I jump, I will be dead!

Again, he only said, “Jump.”

Seeing there was no other option – what did I have to lose? I jumped!
And realizing that the jump was only down from a one-metre high wall, I fell into the arms of the stranger and we laughed and laughed until I woke up.

Trust, jump and lucky me, I did!!!

Yesterday, he jumped upwards! I know in my heart that he is here now, soaring high into nowhere and everywhere in oneness.

Maitri sent these photographs and writes:

Dayanand, what a spirit you are! Gentle, compassionate, deeply kind and always fiercely seeking Truth. The force of your being and the Love that you are will never leave us. I am silenced today, by your sudden dissolving into the Beyond and feel enormously grateful for the many years we shared together. You will live forever in my heart, my precious one.
With love from your Maitri

Dayanand loved animals.  Here with Maitri and his beloved Tara Belle
With the lamps he designed and made
In the Colorado Mountains
In his beloved Maui, Hawaii
On the Oregon Coast, USA
Boating in Montana
With Maitri in Rishikesh, India
With Maitri in Tiruvannamalai, India
With his family
With Maitri and her parents in Boulder, Colorado
With Aneeta, and Amitabh in Colorado
With Amitabh and Anubhava (Peter) in Boulder
With Nandan and Maitri, India
At Geetam, California

Prabhupad writes:

Goodbye, my dear friend of old days Dayanand.

I want to share the story of when I met him first. Must have been around 1971 in Munich, Germany.

At that time I was doing work at the same place where he was working as a caretaker for the kids – a place for disabled kids. I remember the first meeting with him as if it was today. He had long long hair and a beard, always dressed in white and had this calm, relaxed, self-confident and loving energy around him. The kids loved him; they were always calling after him; they were just crazy for him. There was always a bunch of them around him, and he had this incredible patience. We immediately connected and became friends, as we both were on spiritual search.

He lived at the very edge of Munich in a little one-roomed stone house which was in the garden of an old woman’s house, right next to a forest. He was doing Kriya Yoga and was very much into Paramahansa Yogananda’s teaching. Ernst, as he was called in those days, was – as I discovered – very total in everything he did. He got up every morning at 5, did breathing exercices for 2 hours in the forest and then went to work. He lived – very extreme – only on dates, figs and nuts. That was everything he ate! He lived the life of a yogi in the middle of this busy city. I was quite impressed and we became good friends.

By that time a small group of seekers had gathered in his little house. We often made music together and sang, had endless talks and a lot of laughter, too. We started doing birth charts and dived into Astrology, explored the teachings of Gurdjieff and all sorts of Indian teachings. There was a very open-minded circle of seekers around him and he was always very funny.

In his lifetime before, he worked – very traditionally – as a dental technician, got fed up with it, started a business selling flowers in his own shop and made a lot of money. He drove fast sports cars and lived quite a dandy life with everything one had to have, women and everything… One day he got fed up, sold everything and started this very different life, in search for himself.

It must have been around spring 1973, when one day he said that he wanted to be alone over the weekend and meditate intensely, because something was missing in his live. He was searching for a living master. Dayanand was always a man full of surprises and very total in whatever he did – so, okay, I left him alone.

When we met again on Monday he told me: I am going to India in three weeks. I have seen my master in the meditation. He has a long beard and is wearing a white robe and lives in India. I want to meet him. Boom! So, three weeks later he stepped onto the Orient Express to Istanbul on his overland journey to India.

Details of this journey have already been recorded by Bhagawati. But as for me: He sent me a book from India, I Am the Gate, and well – it blew all the lids off my mind. Six weeks later I was on board a plane to Bombay to see Bhagwan.

For me Dayanand was a door opener; through him I came in contact with Bhagwan/Osho, Astrology, which is still with me. And it was my first, deep friendship with a man.

Dayanand picked me up at the Bombay airport and took me to his famous flat in Ghatkopar. I was shattered in pieces, culture-shocked and in deep fear, sensing that my life was taking a 180-degree turn. He asked me: We are going to see Bhagwan. “Do you want to come with us? It’s good to wear an orange robe, he loves that.” So okay, on I went and became a sannyasin. In these days you could see Osho anytime you wanted; you just went there, asked Laxmi at the reception, wait 10 minutes – and there you were with him.

And it was crazy: Every morning we got up at 4:30, drove 1.5 hours with 2 or 3 buses to the huge and empty Juhu beach and did Dynamic Meditation – loud. Ma Anand Laxmi was there giving the timing, and we completely let go in the sands of Chowpatty beach.

Another story of Dayanand I want to share: He wanted to join the July 1973 meditation camp in Mount Abu with Osho, but had a severe hepatitis. No way of making it. But his wish was so strong and he wanted it so much! During one of the monthly gatherings with Osho at Chowpatty beach he prayed inwardly very deeply to Osho: Please, please, let me join the meditation camp! At one point during the celebration Osho came up to Dayanand, put one of the flower garlands around his neck and gave him a deep smile. Dayanand felt immediately better and a few day later he could join the meditation camp without any problems.

Our ways in life crossed many more times. A few years ago, during his last visit to Germany, we met one last time.

There are many more stories but – enough for today.

Goodbye my beloved friend, you have touched the hearts of so many peple, I am one of them. The time I could spend with you is very precious in my heart.

I gave him my heart – the story of the times Dayanand came to meet Osho


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Beloved Dayanand, Thank you for all your love and friendship throughout all these years. You fulfilled your potential in this lifetime, and I am so proud of you. Our marriage was short-lived, but our loving connection continues on into Eternity. Fly high, fly high, let the earth touch the sky. Infinite blessings, beloved. I love you,

Beloved Dayanand, friend of so many moons ago in the magical time of Poona 1 especially. Memories are flooding in of a beautiful man full of life and laughter, love and sincerity, commitment, and yes deep trust. You will live on in many of our hearts. All my love, dearest fellow traveler,
Gabriele (Ma Prem Gatha)

With love fly free, Dayanand, back home resting in the womb of existence …feeling touched by you. Love,

Beloved Dayanand
Beautiful Man
True Man
Whole Man
You shared yourself
your truth,
your understanding and heart
so totally
full of passion
Every word you shared was conveying this:
“Yes, it is possible, I am living it. Jump.”
My heart full of love and gratitude
to have heard you
it was grace!

Now this very intensity
the totality of your longing
and your trust
has carried you home
in freedom
Bliss of Mercy.
Bowing down to your
beautiful Being
with tears of love and awe…
Ma Deva Leena

You are one of the kindest men I have ever known, and for a German, you have a terrific sense of humor.
You have been loved by many, and not just women!
May you fly joyfully on to the next adventure.
Charaiveti, Charaiveti.

… touched by the trust and depth of all your recent postings …
… now touched by this message of your departure …
… love and eternity weaves and waves through …
Anand Virya

Reading this news I am shocked and devastated, tears are flowing. I recently reconnected with Dayanand when I wrote him after his article in VIHA, that I was really impressed by. We had a beautiful, intimate conversation over email, and I was so happy to feel him again and hoped that I would get to Bali sometime soon to see Bhagawati, other friends and also Dayanand.
But I am also extremely grateful we had this chance to connect. And as I was then, lifted by his love and the utterly complete trust he had in Osho. I am sure he has jumped up, and is flying high with the Master. Thank you, Osho News, and Maitri, for the photos and words you contributed. LOVE
Maneesha McClure

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