‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

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Subhuti’s quick notes after having watched the biopic of Freddie Mercury.

Cover of Bohemian Rhapsody coverBohemian Rhapsody is a hugely enjoyable biopic about the life and times of Freddie Mercury and Queen.

Critics faulted the movie, saying it strays too far from historical events, but that doesn’t matter. What gives the film its overflowing emotional juice is actor Rami Malek’s powerful portrayal of Freddie Mercury and the sensational music.

I was never a Queen fan, but I have to admit I was moved to tears as the movie reached its climax, with the band running out onto the stage at the epic 1985 Live Aid Concert at Wembley Stadium in London. The crowd scenes are just awesome and Freddie Mercury’s ability to connect with 72,000 people in the stadium clearly stole the show. After watching Malek’s performance, I had to go home, and watch the original performance by Queen at Wembley on YouTube. Both are mesmerizing.

I wouldn’t say it’s a particularly profound movie, in terms of the evolution of human consciousness, but it’s a wonderfully entertaining window through which to look into the emotional relationship between a brilliant performer and his audience.

The movie gains added pathos from Mercury’s bisexuality, his personal love affairs with both men and women, his lifelong friendship with Mary Austin and his eventual discovery that he was infected with the disease AIDS and was living on borrowed time.


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