What is, is and what is not, is not

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (120)


The search for meaning is disastrous;
it has brought nothing but meaninglessness.
To see that there is no meaning
is to have the real meaning
where meaninglessness cannot be,
where meaning doesn’t matter
and so its disasters are avoided.
What remains just is and what is,
is and what is not, is not and that’s all.

You ask for a clear statement about motivelessness.
Your attempt to understand cannot succeed
because it is motivated!

Why bother about understanding?
Look, isn’t the thing clear there before you?
All things are open!
All things are clear!
But man is so busy understanding no one is left to see
what is clear, what is obvious, what is there!

Confusion is the effort to understand.
Ignorance is the effort to know.
If you don’t try to understand or know,
nothing can hide itself from you!
Truth is always in front of you, naked, clear.

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