Prem Anna


(27 January 1947 – 21 September 2019)

Anna playing the flute
Prem Anna singing

Raji writes:

Ma Prem Anna (aka Anna Mantus) was born in East Germany soon after the War. Her life was colourful and rich, full of adventures, both musical and in relating.

In 1978 she travelled to India for the first time. She was a passionate fellow traveller, never holding back; what she found to say was right. In the last few years she lived close to Cologne and enjoyed the sangha around Mooji.

In the 90s we made music together for Evening Meditation; her flute playing was powerful and tender. She then went back into the professional music carousel ‘out in the world’. She took singing classes and became a brillant jazz singer too. People were impressed by her giant presence. She loved the audience and the audience loved her.

Anna was also a good friend, able to listen and sometimes share what was going on.

Fly high, beloved Anna!

She again suffered from a cancer;  this time it developed rapidly. She spent her last weeks in a hospice. Her son lets us know that she has ended her suffering with happiness and relaxation. She knew that now she is where she always wanted to be, in the unknown, dissolved, in peace, in this mystery.

Her family and friends meet on Monday, 7th October for her funeral when her ashes are brought to the Friedwald forest.

One of the musicians who had worked with her on her album posted the song, What a Difference, where we can hear her beautiful voice:


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Dearest Prem Anna… I met you in Poona in 1987. Newly arrived, we worked in the translation department. Immediately we had this amazing connection. You took me into your hug… then I had to leave, and came back… but I never found you again. Over the years I’ve thought of you often, where are you, how can I find you. Remembering your warmth and your smile and your sunshine and sweetness. Now I see you here, and you’re gone – but you’re eternally here, in my heart. Fly high, enjoy life after death… I love you forever and I’m sure we will meet.
Tammy Gabay Purnima

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