…left his body on 17 October 2019.

Even when all signs are there
of the death close at hand –
the singing cicadas.

(free interpretation of Basho)

Abhivandan and Mayo
Abhivandan and Mayo

Abhivandan was a well-known figure in the Dutch Buddhafield, from the Amsterdam Havenstraat jail [which was an Osho Commune] to the Zorba the Buddha Restaurant in Groningen and the Stad Rajneesh Commune in the Heerde woods. When the Osho Stad Commune in Amsterdam closed, he set up Osho Publikaties and continued selling Osho’s books and tapes from his suburb home. Together with Mayo he published many beautiful translations of Osho’s books.

Abhivandan left his body quietly in the presence of his beloved Mayo. He managed to relax and let go, surrendering in total trust to the flow of life, and left the faltering body behind. For a while he had been terminally ill, at home in bed in the rural east of Holland. His sons Kamal and Tameesh came to visit him regularly.

Lately it had become difficult for him to grasp texts with many words but he could enjoy haikus immensely, because they evoke reality spot on – with just a few words.

Here a couple of his favourites from Signatures on Water, Osho’s commentary on Zen haikus:

butterflies follow lovingly
the flower wreath
placed on the coffin

where there are humans
you will find flies
and buddhas

The Osho quote he included reads almost like a haiku as well:

Because I love you, I will help you in every possible way to disappear.’
– Osho

Thanks to Srajan from Vrienden van Osho Trust


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What a sweet presence!
Had never met in person but we had many contacts through Osho Publikaties.
Even upon making a buy, I would always receive some lovely Osho-card/photo/note and their names signed with love – or, with hearts – or, with hugs.
It never felt as a ‘business’ transaction, rather the means for a love-pouring/spreading occasion.
Have a pleasant & easy journey back home, Abhivandan,

“Because I love you, I will help you in every possible way to disappear.”
– Osho
Thank you so much Abhi and Mayo for this Osho pearl.
Abhi, I am sad to hear of your passing, and that you had to go through one of those awful diseases. Thank you boundlessly for the amount of work you did, with Mayo, to make Osho’s books easily available to all of us, to me, for so many years. “Work is love made visible” surely applies to you. I always felt comfortable the few times we met; you had a non-intrusive presence, a soft smile… and always took out with a fun smile the book I was looking for! I am certain the blue expense beyond our imagination is rejoicing in having you there… After having danced with so many many words… now the dance is that of silent rejoicing. Thank you again. You have been significant to the sannyas community, and to our master.

I am feeling joy and sadness together. Joy for you having completed a beautiful life in the presence of your beloved, sad for not seeing you again in this form. We have had such beautiful moments together. Thank you for every moment you shared. My love flies with you.

His love for Osho and all that He stood for was the driving force in Abhi’s life, with his total dedication to Osho Publikaties as the means of making Osho available to the (Dutch) world at large. His enthusiasm, personal charm and warmth remain as cherished memories of our contact through the years.

I was sorry to hear of the recent departure of Abhivandan – the book man and much more. I came to know him somewhere in the 1990’s and he was a valuable source of inspiration for many years with all things to do with Osho’s books and more. I was always impressed by Abhivandan’s continuous enthusiasm and expertise as well as willingness to move with changing markets in the world of print. Words seem a bit trivial to appreciate the love and passion for all things Osho that was expressed through his engagement with the books. My love to Mayo in this changing time. I appreciate the small exchanges we had in earlier days and the warmth and humour we could share. Thanks, Abhi.

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