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…left his body on 16 December 2019.

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Moumina writes:

Tarpana was by birth part Indonesian, part Hungarian-Jewish, part German and part Irish; he never seemed to have any obvious nationality.

He took sannyas in 1979 in Pune and afterwards lived in a variety of countries, including Australia, France, and the UK and spent time on the Ranch. He had his first son, Harley, with his girlfriend Chandana in Australia.

Those who knew him, know what an adventurous life he lived in many different countries, with equally many different women and business projects. He loved parties and always used to bring fine champagne to Pune with him. He enjoyed good food, wine, beautiful surroundings, fine art and culture and at the same time was a deep, silent and private person. His real passion was healing and love for people; his greatest joy was being in the ocean.

Tarpana met Agni in 2004. He told friends he had finally found a woman he could rest with. They had their son, Iollan, in 2013. Their life together involved more travelling to Canada, Japan, Argentina and Australia, until settling for a while in Germany (although he was still planning to leave again for a new home closer to the ocean). He was working on a project to create a biodynamic almond farm in Spain, that would have also been a place of healing and peacefulness.

Mid-November this year he had a freak accident at his home in Germany. After putting his little son, Iollan, to bed he tripped and fell down the stairs, hitting his head and damaging his spine. Later on, significant brain damage was also discovered. The doctors couldn’t understand how the brain damage had occurred – it remains a mystery.

Iollan found him, still conscious. Tarpana asked him to try and get help from the neighbours and then call the emergency services, all of which Iollan, aged 6, managed to do. Tarps was then flown by helicopter to the emergency hospital. For the next few weeks he laid in a coma. His wife Agni and many friends and family came to sit with him in hospital. His son Harley flew from Australia and spent many days at his bedside.

This was a very precious time. Even though he was surrounded by tubes and machines and was unconscious, it was easy to feel his presence. Indeed it was exquisite to sit with him in silence.

For me it was like entering an Osho-space – a temple – in the middle of a high-tech German hospital. All who were with him felt he was travelling on a very deep journey. When we tried to put it into words, we would say: it’s like a glowing calm, a feeling of ’sincerity’, ‘darkness’, ‘vastness’ and ‘silence’.

It was a time full of pain and love. Apart from her own grief, Agni was heartbroken about her son losing his father. She said each day was like climbing a mountain all over again – both how to face the new facts for herself and how to include Iollan in all of this.

Iollan wanted see his father in hospital, and Agni found a way to prepare him. After the visit, she asked Iollan what he wanted to do and he chose to go with everyone to a high-quality Japanese restaurant … exactly as his father would have done.

At 4 am on 16 December, the hospital called Agni; she and Tarpana’s close friend, Dharmo, sat with him as he left the body. They said that they felt as if a cool breeze was passing through the room.

On Friday, 20 December, there was a celebration, especially designed for Iollan and his small friends. Both children and adults painted his coffin lid; we then all stood around his body and sang together, before putting on the beautiful lid and saying goodbye.

010 Tarpana coffin painting
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020 Tarpana coffin painting
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A huge amount of support on all levels flooded towards Agni in these days. She says, “I feel that something bigger than we are is carrying us on this journey. I feel so many people are with me, Tarpana and Iollan, and I feel overwhelmed by how much love for him is surrounding us. I think he would never have expected this, as somewhere inside he always felt unworthy – but in the hospital I really felt as if he was receiving it.”

Text and photos thanks to Moumina and Devakrishna


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Tarpana will always be connected in my mind with Agni, their wonderful wedding in Berg, where I spent precious days as part of the preparing team and guest. The scent of richness of many friends and family from around the world was always surrounding them.
Tarpana impressed me at the wedding ceremony with his guts, honesty and love for Agni and the way he expressed his love.
Dear Tarpana, wish you peace and freedom whereever you are and a clear sight for all the love and care that Agni and Iollan are receiving from so many near and far away friends and family members. That will help them to cope with the loss that your body is not around anymore.
Love ,


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