Deva Fernando


(30 May 1957 – 4 December 2019)


Deva Fernando – Divine Adventurer

…friend and brother – thanks for making it easy –
the simple, the truth and the talks about life.

And thanks for loving me,


Thanks from all your friends and lovers
Always and Forever.

Deva means divine; ‘fernando’ is a beautiful word; it means journey, venture, adventure. A divine adventure — that will be the full meaning of your name.

Life is not something static and given. Life is a pilgrimage. Life is in the seeking and searching. Those who think that just by being alive they have arrived will miss the whole point. Birth is only a beginning. and just a beginning. One can remain stuck there, millions are stuck there. They die exactly at the same spot where they were born; they don’t move at all. They are too concerned with safety and security. Safety and security is in being stuck at a certain point, because that place is familiar to you.

It is dangerous to go into the unknown, but life belongs only to those who are constantly taking the challenge of the unknown, who are constantly alert and on the go. Then life is not static, then it has a dynamic quality to it: it is an exploration. And in that very exploration one becomes religious, because one comes across so many surprises and so many mysteries that it is impossible to miss the presence of god.

From the darshan diary: Osho, You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet, Ch 27 (30 March 1979)

Samarpan Vicente writes:

I took sannyas in November 1979 and Fernando must have taken it earlier that year. I met him in a very natural way – as if I had always known him – we soon became friends.

He was born after the civil war in Spain into a humble family. Through those years of openness, and because of his courage and intelligence, he left his country and traveled overland to India where he found Osho – who attracted him, initiated him into sannyas and gave him the name of Deva Fernando – which means Divine Adventurer… indicating to him that the true adventure is inside.

And so he lived the rest of his life … on a journey towards consciousness in search and meeting with that interior.

There we met, on the outskirts of the ashram, in the fields around it. Through this friendship he introduced me to that wild life that many of us had in India; the coffee shops and life in the huts. We went to lecture to listen to Osho and then worked in the ashram – he at the bakery and later at the children’s school.

When Osho moved to America we went back to Spain and lived in a community. We had created a Meditation Center that Osho called Sarvogeet (the Song from the All). From there Sheela invited us to move to Germany, to Cologne, where we lived for a few years – except the time we spent at the Ranch – which we enjoyed very much.

After Osho left America, Fernando stayed on in Germany – working at the Zorba the Buddha Restaurant and Discos.

He later returned to Spain, in the beginning settling in a sannyas community near the Mediterranean Sea – living in the light, joy and beauty of that place. A quiet life, between heaps of work and a lot of celebration. He was always very close to people, and in his friends’ hearts.

He kept going back to Poona until Osho’s death – and even some years later.

Then we traveled together through India to Nepal.

As the years went by, he suffered confusion and disappointment when the communes disappeared, to whose life he had practically dedicated his own. He experienced difficulties with individual friendships and having to make a living in the world again. At one point he found blessings in translating Osho’s books into Spanish – at which he was very good.

He eventually returned to his birth place and where he had grown up. There, he and his mother took care of each other.

He always kept his light for the common good which guided him; his heart, his friendship and love for his friends; his sense of humor; music, which was his joy and meditation – and his deep intelligence in search and encounter with the truth.

And above all – he was good and at peace with himself. Accepting the chaos that sometimes seems to be that place or life itself.

In the simplest way, with a deeply human acceptance, he lived the mystery of his death, surrounded by all those he was fond of and who loved him.*

Fernando … wherever you are – thank you for your friendship, your love, your kindness, your impeccable acceptance of the truth, and above all your profound humanity. Appreciating the beauty and simplicity of this world. With its sunrises, its women, its galaxies and its infinity – within each one of us.

Namaste, brother … and we will meet again in this infinite voyage of Existence.

* His favourite songs he listened to before his departure were (both sung by Diego Carrasco):
Se te fue la vida

Today, 7th February, friends will gather in Madrid in his memory and eternal presence. They will be shown this video that Samarpan Vicente specially made for this occasion. He will also read out the words Osho said to Fernando when he took sannyas.


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Much love to you and your beloved one! We shared a beautiful, beautiful time together in the Cologne Buddhafield.

Just a couple of days ago we were chatting about the disco times! Fly high, beloved Fernando!

I love the video and music that Samarpan has edited. It meets so well Fernando´s juicy energy!

The universe is singing a song on a day like that!

Raji Atorf


As part of the “Zorba the Buddha” restaurant team, we had a great time in the late eighties in Cologne, with friends, food and fun.

Fly free, dear Fernando.

Antar Marc


Such a beautiful tribute!!! Thanks Samarpan, you are a truthful friend.

I still remember the day I met Fernando. I was dressed all in red, driving with my van to a disco in Ibiza. Suddenly there he was hitchhiking with two other guys all dressed in red, too. I immediately stopped and drove them to the disco. On the way I couldn’t stop asking them who was the old man hanging on their neck (later on I knew this was called a “mala”)… The way he explained, laughed and accepted me unconditionally made a change in my life. After one month I took sannyas. I can still see him so close… always encouraging anyone in need, so human, so intelligent and independent. All my love and gratitude.

See you around!



Beloved fellow traveler, Fernando,
So difficult to put feelings into words.
I remember the joy and friendliness in your presence in the Cologne Commune.
We had such a good time…
I’m missing you.
Fly high, my friend,
Ma Mukto


Deva Francesco in Cologne
Deva Fernando (3rd from right) with his friends at the Zorba the Buddha Rajneesh Restaurant in Cologne, Germany

Adios amigo, thanks for the laughs, the smiles and the knowing looks – travel well.
Love and hugs
Prabhu and Satori xx


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