A common denominator: Light

Healing & Meditation

Anadi Martel is interviewed by the Croatian TV at the latest conference of the International Light Association (ILA). He talks (4:12-14:26) on the Sensora light modulation projectors, the history of light for therapy and its various applications.

The International Light Association (ILA) was formed at the beginning of the 21st century. Anadi is one of its founders and was President of the Association until recently.

This Conference, which was held in Pula, Croatia, at the end of September 2019, brought together over twenty speakers from various fields.  To all, the common denominator was – light.

About twenty years ago new breakthroughs started to surface in the understanding of light in regards to living beings, and all that was previously understood intuitively has now received its diverse scientific endorsements.


Anadi has recently published a book on this subject, reviewed for Osho News by Jalal: Light Therapies: A complete guide to the Healing Power of Light

Read an excerpt on Osho News: Energy as the basis of acupuncture

Light Therapies book coverLight Therapies: A complete guide to the Healing Power of Light
by Anadi Martel
Publisher: Healing Arts Press (USA)
More info on light-therapies.com
Available as Paperback or Kindle from: amazon.comamazon.co.ukamazon.deamazon.in
Also available in French, Le pouvoir de la lumière, from editions-tredaniel.com

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