(20 March 1937 – 2 February 2020)

Swami Anand Amritam was born in Klagenfurt, in the State of Corinthia in Southern Austria. He went to University and became a Doctor of Medicine. In the mid 70’s he decided to come to Pune, ready to take sannyas.

There will be a send-off on Friday, 13th March at the Therapiezentrum Hyrtlgasse, Hyrtlgasse 12, 1160 Vienna.

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Anand Das from Vienna writes:

Amritam was one of the silent ones. A deep, heartful soul, always with a smile like a warm sun.

He melted into the flow of the ashram, where I met him, and the flow brought him to Vienna in the late 70s. When I met him again I knew that he was also a Doctor of fun, jokes, laughter and love. Whenever I saw him or talked to him on the phone, we laughed about just anything, about ourselves, this crazy world full of beautiful, inspiring women, and clowns called politicians. The big comedy.

He loved life, big American cars, and the girls – and the girls loved him.

In his heart – the fire of love with his Master.

That was Amritam.

I often remember how one day he and Vardano came to one of my gigs on the Czech border. I suddenly saw this bright, shining, smiling face with the sun behind it. It looked as if the golden rays of light melted with him and made him disappear – while I was rocking on my bass guitar real hard.

2 crazies in love with life.

Thank you for having been around, el compañero..

After you left peacefully – it hurts also, but I do know you are… how to say it? Well… fine… 🙂


Vadano writes:

Orgasm on the dance floor

I loved to chat with Amritam. It was always for hours. We used to go for a drink, or in his last years, we had chats on the phone. It was always about Osho, about our experiences in our meditation, but a big part of our talk was about trivial things as well, especially about the necessity of A/Cs, the hair conditioner he had made by himself, or gossip about friends. And women. And his experiences with young women.

He had always had relationships with younger women and also recently he often spoke about encounters with young women. The older he became the less physical these encounters were, as he said, but they were always sexual. I loved to listen to the small anecdotes he told me; they were easy, kind of natural to him; and he related them in a relaxed way. I could feel there was no tension about this. Maybe the women had different experiences but some whom I know, liked them, and liked him very much.

The last story I remember was that he met a women on the dance floor at a Saturday Buddha Party (he used to participate until his very last year!). They were attracted to each other and just by dancing together the woman had an orgasm! Later on it was revealed that she was a Tantra teacher. And do you know what? I believe this story. But whether true or not, it was great to have these chats with this beautiful, silent, meditative friend and Osho’s devotee.

Osho was the centre in his life.

I was lucky to be with him shortly after his death, sitting by his side in the hospital’s morgue. I played a discourse by Osho; this is was what he liked most recently, and some celebration songs. I could feel that he loved them. There was silence and some chuckles of joy. Like always with him. And it will always be.

Whenever there is silence and chuckles of joy, Amritam, you will be present.


Osho answers a question

Amritam, our doctor, has also asked a question: How does Chinmaya go on pulling himself?

The reason is, he is no longer interested in pulling, that’s why he goes on pulling himself. If death comes this moment, he will accept it. Because of this, death has become irrelevant. He has become absolutely free of the anxiety. It is anxiety that kills more; it is deep down anxiety that becomes destructive. Because he is no longer in anguish, he may live a few more years, he may live long.

But whether he lives or not is no longer of any importance. The important thing has happened. If he lives he will live with a cool heart; if he dies he will die with a cool heart. He has learned the lesson.

Rejoice with him! Learn from him – because everybody has to encounter his death sooner or later. And one can never be certain: you may be perfectly healthy, and tomorrow death may take you away. So health is no guarantee.

In fact, it happens more often that a perfectly healthy person dies more quickly than an ill person. Because the healthy person has no way of coping with illness, any illness can prove fatal. But a person who has lived long with illness becomes adjusted to it, he can cope with it; he knows the ways of death. The healthy person knows nothing, so it often happens that the healthy person will die with the first stroke and the unhealthy person may live long. His body has become seasoned, has become more tolerant of diseases.

But remember, that is not the point at all. Whether Chinmaya lives a few years or not has no meaning anymore. If he lives, good; if he goes, he can go with joy in his heart, because his life has not been meaningless, his life has not been futile.

The first flowers have started blossoming.

The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol 7, Ch 8, Q 2 – 18 December 1979

Note: Prem Chinmaya died on 12 June 1980.


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