Don’t be afraid of sexual desire

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (127)


Osho in the Sixties

I received your letter.
Don’t be afraid of sexual desire
because fear is the beginning of defeat.
Accept it,
it is and it has to be.
Of course, you must know it and recognize it,
be aware of it,
bring it out of the unconscious into the conscious mind.
You cannot do this if you condemn it
because condemnation leads to repression
and it is repression that pushes desires and emotions
into the unconscious.

Really, it is because of repression
that the mind is divided into conscious and unconscious,
and this division is at the root of all conflict,
and it is this division that prevents man from being total –
and without integration there is no way to peace,
bliss and freedom. So meditate on sexual desire.
Whenever the desire arises,
watch it mindfully.
Do not resist it,
do not escape from it.
Encountering it leads you to unique experiences.
And whatever you have learned or heard about celibacy –
throw it once and for all into the dustbin,
for there is no other way than this
of reaching to brahmacharya.

My regards to all there.

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