Trump’s ‘war’ against the coronavirus

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Just back from a months-long journey in South East Asia, Chintan reports on what he found back home in Florida.

Pence and Trump
Wanna come back to my place?

On February 26, 2020, a little over a week ago, a few thousand of us boarded flights in South Korea and flew to the USA.

In South Korea I experienced fear of possibly not being allowed to return home. I was asked questions by numerous officials regarding previous travel, and especially if I had been to China. All of us wore face masks. Airport Officials sported surgical gloves as well.

I arrived home, greeted by somber-looking officials who rushed us along, to hear our President assuring the public that the virus was just another Democrat hoax, and that there were only 15 people in the country who had the virus, and unfortunately one really good woman who had died. It was actually a man, but that’s beside the point.

The next day I developed flu-like symptoms, and dutifully reported the situation to my healthcare provider, who dutifully reported to the Florida Department of Health. As a result, I am under 14-day voluntary isolation at home.

For the first five days, I was given incorrect information regarding the virus. I was advised to simply stay home as much as possible. I was then advised to go to Advent Health or Med XPress to be tested. Advent Health informed me that they had no test kits. Med XPress said the same, and when asked where to go to be tested, was informed that there were NO TEST KITS IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA.

Over the past week, as the total number of cases has jumped from 15 to 335 (as of March 7), our President has continued to lie, and has appointed Mike Pence, resident White House Toady, to head the army against the virus.

Here’s a question to ponder: How many of the potentially infected people who have arrived from Korea came forward to reveal their symptoms? How many of those people are presently shaking hands and sharing germs?

The statistics are currently overwhelming Mr. Trump’s profoundly impressive ability to lie, the test kits are almost ready, and people coming in from Korea, Italy, and other hot spots are being screened.

BUT, Mr President, it is too late. We, the potentially infected, are already here.

This is a war against COVID-19.

In a war, what would you label someone who allows the enemy to gain the advantage? Would he be a traitor or a war criminal?


Chintan (David Hill) is a writer, and author of Mastering Madness.

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