A call for positive media reporting

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In this video, seasoned Dutch journalist Charles Groenhuijsen rejects the general media attitude of “Good news is no news.”

Journalism is like a mirror. Our viewers, our readers look into this mirror and they are supposed to see the world as it is. And they don’t. They see a mirror which is fogged up, it’s always the negative side of life….

This is exactly the way we treat, as journalists, the world: Because we say to the world, this is horrible. Oh, and tomorrow will be even worse with everything, with refugees and immigrants, with crime. And the consequence of this negative attitude is that people look at the world in a very negative way.

Charles Groenhuijsen (in Joure, Friesland, Netherlands) has been the US Correspondent for the main public news program in the Netherlands, the NOS Journaal  and the daily current affairs program NOVA (1996 – 2006).  He has written 11 books and mostly writes about Dutch and European politics. Last year he published a book about the upcoming US-elections: Everything passes; even Donald Trump.

Groenhuijsen has appeared numerous times in prominent Dutch TV-shows to comment on international affairs and particularly on US-politics. charlesgroenhuijsen.com

Thanks to Chaitanya Keerti


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