(5 July 1950 – 26 March 2020)

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Bodhi Anugrah (Sandro Delpiano), a Chemistry teacher by first profession, became a disciple of Osho, then an Apprentice Shaman and Tarot reader. He co-founded with his partner, Deva Kalika, La Via delle Nuvole Bianche (The Way of the White Clouds), an Osho Information Centre, a wonderful place where hundreds of people are welcomed, to share with immense generosity and gratitude Osho’s vision and his incredible inipi (sweat lodges). Anugrah was also Director of Conacreis, a registered network of ethical, inner and spiritual research associations in Italy, of which also sannyasin associations are part.

Anugrah was the father of two wonderful children, Masta and Vimala.

Anatta wrote for him a few days ago:

Anugrah, my beloved friend, brother, travelling companion left the body last night! My sweet Anugrah, who dedicated his life to humanity, with whom I shared most of my life, with whom I walked wonderful paths of light, who always welcomed me with open arms, deep generosity and an open heart… A too kind, evolved and compassionate soul, who left this Earth much more beautiful than he found it! I have loved you and I will love you forever, my adorable Anugrah. Today my heart and my eyes mourn your loss, you were an Angel in life, even more so now that you will be up there, in the high heavens! Namaste Master Shaman – Gratitude – Have a safe journey into the Light – Mitakuye Oyasin, We are One.

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I went to Nuvole Bianche to give the Joint Release Training for a few years. It was always beautiful to meet Anugrah. We became good friends. It was always very nourishing to be with him; he had a warm voice, always coming from the heart.
To receive the news of his death, caused by coronavirus, was very shocking, making me more aware of how we are really all in danger.
What is very sad to know is that all the victims of coronavirus are dying alone and that it will not be possible for his friends to celebrate together and give him a beautiful send-off.
I am sure he died consciously and he will be forever in my heart.

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