(25 April 1959 – 24 March 2020)


Swami Shantam Virama had been a member of the Berlin commune and, for many years, was very involved with the sannyas disco in Berlin. He took sannyas in the early 80’s and trained as a Rebalancer and Tibetan Pulser.

Since 2005 he had been living in a quiet part of Mecklenburg Vorpommern near the Baltic Sea. Despite the fact that he was a ‘real Berliner’ who had grown up in the shadow of the Berlin Wall, he loved living in the countryside. He was a valued part of the team of therapists at the Tao Health Centre, at Hotel Gutshaus Stellshagen, and had recently developed a passion for sailing.

Virama’s friends will remember him as a big guy with a big heart and a playful spirit. He leaves behind two grown-up children, his sister Birgit, and all of his colleagues who will greatly miss his humour, his friendly presence and his devotion.

He died suddenly at home, from causes unrelated to the coronavirus.

Gute Reise, alter Freund!

A few days ago, Jamie sent the Osho quote they read in the little virtual celebration they made for him. He writes, “Yesterday I arranged a zoom meeting together with Arpita, where we had a celebration for Virama which included his coworkers here and all the friends – on zoom. It had some technical difficulties but it was very good. Everyone felt a deep connection and a joy in meeting and sitting, each in our own spaces and yet very connected.”

Lu-tsu says, “Accept the situation you are in. It must be the right situation for you; that’s why you are in it.”

Existence cares for you. It is given to you not without any reason. It is not accidental; nothing is accidental. Whatsoever is your need is given to you.

If it were your need to be in the Himalayas, you would have been in the Himalayas. And when the need arises, you will find that either you go to the Himalayas or the Himalayas come to you.

It happens… when the disciple is ready, the Master arrives. And when your inner silence is ready, God arrives. And whatsoever is needed on the path is always supplied. Existence cares, mothers.

So don’t be worried. Rather, use the opportunity. This challenging world, this constant turmoil on the outside, has to be used. You have to be a witness to it. Watch it. Learn how not to be affected by it.

The Secret of Secrets, Vol 2, Ch 6


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Virama, my old fellow traveller from Berlin. How unexpected, you leaving this world already now.
You were one of my first sannyas friends at the beginning of the 80’s and you were very openhearted, friendly, funny and easy. A real Original.
Thank you for the time we spent together, and that I have known you. Have a good journey and come back in the golden days we expect with hope.
Bodhi Anjali

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