The secret of everlasting happiness – this is how you can find the key!

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Adi Shankaracharya had said that solitude is the key to happiness. Excerpt from the article published in on April 13, 2020.

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In this enforced isolation due to Coronavirus lockdown, can our cup of joy also overflow?

Once speaking at the inauguration of a chair at Surat University dedicated to Osho, spiritual guru Morari Bapu expanded to give a different dynamic to the meaning of the acronym ‘OSHO’. He felt OSHO should mean, “Own Silent, Happiness Own” meaning our silence and peace should be internal and within us.

The great Adi Shankaracharya had said, ‘Ekante Sukhamasyatam’ (There is happiness in solitude). Bapu felt that considering the Lockdown has naturally put us in a situation of solitude, we must use it for the purpose of introspection.

“Is the peace that we feel really our own? Silence can be of many kinds. There is deep hush even in a graveyard. Sometimes we become quiet due to the compulsions of our circumstances. Sometimes a wicked man can force us into silence by showing us fear,” Bapu said.

He explained further, “A child plays with toys and then discards them. He understands that toys are meant for him and he is not meant for the toy.”

The same is true of materialistic objects in life. “We need to analyse whether our happiness is based on some incident, object, person, country or time. A Buddhpurush (Self Realized soul) is in bliss all the time because he is the reason for his own happiness. The joy is neither borrowed or purchase or dependent on external factors. This is inner peace.”

We could use this time when we are confined to our homes and with limited social mingling to thus internally analyse about these aspects and we might find new strength.

“What is not yours and is borrowed is never permanent. It will break or be interrupted…”

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