(23 July 1947 – 9 April 2020)


Anand Pratimo writes:

Prem Santap, aka Will Navran, was at the Ranch and worked at Naropa and the print production of many of Osho’s books and the Rajneesh Times. He later became a goldsmith and loved to search out small and beautiful crystals and Herkimer diamonds. He worked in a very meticulous way and loved fine detail. He and his wife Shakti, who was a trained goldsmith from Germany, had a business of selling their jewelry for many years.

Santap was a gentle and loving person with a great sense of humor who traveled on the spiritual path and worked deeply on himself. He was also a follower of Dada and spent 10+ years working in the Diamond Heart Work in Maui.

Another of his important paths on his spiritual journey was his love and cultivation of Sativa/Marijuana, always searching for enhancing strains – as ways to higher consciousness and growth.

Santap spent many of his last years trying to make peace and understand his early childhood traumas.

He left his body on April 9, 2020 at 2:39 pm at home in Maui, HI. He was with his beloved wife, Shakti, and another friend, Pratima. He had been fighting cancer for the last two years and it finally took him.

Was he at peace when he passed away? Yes, he finally did surrender and let go. Shakti said it was not easy for him in the last 10 days, but he was at peace at the end.

I will always think of Santap/Will as a wonderful, loving, and caring friend who sent wonderful crazy jokes out. He will live on in my heart.

Swami Santap is Flying High…

Thanks to Shakti


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Santap and I were paired up to do a sales trip when we started selling the Naropa greeting cards along with Osho’s books from the Ranch.

One day we were sitting in the car in Portland waiting for the time of our next appointment in a bookstore and got to talking about out past.

First, we discovered that we had both come from Kansas City, MO. And in a more detailed investigation we realized that we had lived next door to each other for some time in the 60’s, although we had never met. This was the first house that I lived in after moving out of my parents at 17. And in fact, Santap used to sell pot to the person who lived upstairs from me and who I would buy from.

And as we know, one thing leads to another and now here we were 15 years later sitting in a car in the pouring rain in Portland drunk on the divine.

Later we would spend time together when he moved to Boulder, CO helping to organize the visit of Dada Gavand.

I treasure our time spent together, beloved gurubhai.




Dearest Santap!
I am remembering your days here in San Diego…
So much love on your new adventure…
Fly high, beloved!
Let the Earth touch the sky!
Blessings on high!

Beloved Giant of a Man, your gentle demeanor and loving eyes will always be with me and many many others, forever.

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