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Deva Dosa sent us an update about the activities at Osho Jetban and their Buddha Purnima celebration this year.

Osho Jetban

A wonderful development is happening in Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha and the home of Osho Jetban International Commune. Last year Arun designed and initiated the world’s first temple that honors both Buddha and Osho under one roof. Set beside the Jetban ashram amid a lush grove of mangoes, the Jetban Temple design, land preparation, and basic construction are already complete, as is the beautiful oval-shaped ‘dev sarovar’, meaning sacred pond. The temple’s plasterwork is in progress; however, work has been interrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The planned inauguration date of 7th May, International Meditation Day, and Vesak (Buddha Purnima), is to be rescheduled.

Along with sheltering-in-place, this year most meditation centers are meditating-in-place. Under lockdown, Osho Jetban International Commune and many other centers are not currently allowing guests. Jetban continues a regular program of two meditation sessions a day. On 7th May, the ashram staff celebrated International Meditation Day but had requested friends in every country to celebrate at their respective places until the pandemic lockdown is over.

According to Osho Jetban’s Ashram Incharge, Swami Dhyan Deep, “The relevance of celebrating world meditation day on 7th May, Buddha Purnima, is pregnant with the true meaning of human values of love, compassion, tolerance and a universal brotherhood, values we’ve seen demonstrated effectively during this pandemic to address a deadly virus. But the point to be noted is that if a mere virus has so much power over the whole world, couldn’t meditation, compassion and love possibly have an equal or greater powerful, positive effect, provided we wake up to the value of meditation globally.”

Osho Jetban Park

Deep also reported that Lumbini’s Mayadevi Temple did not host any public events to celebrate Buddha Jayanti this year, but the Lumbini Development Trust lit 2,664 lamps marking Buddha’s birthday and making a universal peace pooja. An informal ceremony took place. In his message on behalf of the United Nations in honoring Buddha’s Day, UN Secretary-General António Guterres commented, “On the Day of Vesak, let us celebrate Lord Buddha’s wisdom by taking action for others with compassion and solidarity, and by renewing our commitment to build a peaceful world.”

Finally, what is Nepal’s worldwide pilgrimage destination like during a pandemic? Describing the birthplace of Buddha, Deep responded, “Lumbini is silent, empty and very, very peaceful and vibrating with energy.”

Osho says: “The full moon night is the best for meditation. Many people who have become buddhas have attained their enlightenment on the full-moon night, even Buddha himself. […] Use it. Be alert and use every possibility to help you go in. Once you are awakened, then there is no problem. Then you can be at ease, at rest, at peace, anywhere.”

Quote by Osho from The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol 11, Ch 7

Article by Deva Dosa

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